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Chapter 203: Does He Like That Girl

She watched the two of them as they left and suddenly asked Gu San, who was standing beside her, “Does Wangchuan like that girl?”

Gu San was leading her to the ward and almost slipped when he heard the question. He stuttered in response, “This… uh… I’m not too sure about Master Wang’s matters.”

“Well, I think you’re clearer about it than anyone else!” Ye Lan shot him a strange glance and saw that he wasn’t denying her speculation. She looked at Qiao Nian’s back view and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen him pay so much attention to a girl. This girl’s pretty good, I like her.”

The Ye family actually wasn’t in favor of arranged marriages within the high society. She personally didn’t wish for the younger generation to exchange their marriage for benefits.

But she recalled that Wangchuan had an arranged fiancée since he was a child.

Ye Lan furrowed her brows and made her decision.

If her father insisted that Wangchuan get together with that “fiancée” from god knows where, she would surely be on Qiao Nian’s side.

All things aside, just the fact that Qiao Nian had saved Chen Chen before and treated his leg was enough for Ye Lan to be indebted to her for good.

She would remember these favors.

Ye Qichen’s discharge papers were rather straightforward, and it didn’t take too long for them to get the permission slip.

The little one had just undergone surgery and was still very weak. After seeing his grandma for a while, he fell back asleep because of the drowse-inducing medicine.

The car drove back to the villa safely and steadily.

Before they entered the house.

Someone inside had already heard them and ran out the door.

“Master Wang, why are you guys back only now?” Jiang Li was in a loose-fitting coat which revealed much of his collarbone. And the look in his eyes was rather playful.

But well, everyone around was immune to his looks.

Qiao Nian saw Ye Wangchuan every single day. Seeing Jiang Li now, she felt that he looked ordinary.

As for the rest of them.

Ye Wangchuan and Gu San were men, what could men see in men?

Jiang Li was used to being treated by them this way. He turned to look at Qiao Nian’s pale face and asked a little worriedly, “Why do you look so unwell?”

Then, he noticed Ye Qichen sleeping soundly in Ye Wangchuan’s arms. He grabbed his head in confusion. “And why did Chen Chen end up in this state?

“Just what happened?”

He called Qiao Nian a few times last night, but nobody picked up. He called Master Wang as well, but the same happened. He kept thinking that they must have eloped.

“It’s nothing much, Chen Chen accidentally had a fall this afternoon.”

Ye Wangchuan wrapped the blanket around the little one in his arms. His chest was wide, giving Ye Qichen a nice spot to sleep on.

Jiang Li knew just how important the little descendant was to the Ye family. He jumped as if someone had just stepped on his tail. “What? Chen Chen fell? How did that happen? Is he alright?”

If anything serious happened to Ye Qichen due to the fall, the whole of Rao City would be in chaos.

“Nian Nian operated on him, so he’s alright now.” Ye Wangchuan tipped his chin up, suggesting for him to step aside from the entrance. “Qiao Nian stood for four whole hours. Let her go in and rest first, I’ll tell you about the rest.”

Gu San added, “Yeah, Miss Qiao performed the surgery for Little Young Master over four whole hours without rest.”

Upon hearing about how she stood for four hours, Jiang Li’s heart ached for her. He wasn’t in the mood to get upset now and quickly made way for her to enter.

Qiao Nian had closed her eyes to rest in the car and felt better now. However, her body was still very much exhausted, and she headed into the villa with her bag first.

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