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Chapter 185: Won’t Let Qiao Chen Off

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If that wasn’t the case, why would he be left with no choice but to go to Qiao Nian?

Qiao Weimin was in an awful mood and wanted to continue persuading her.

Who would’ve expected Qiao Nian’s cell phone to ring all of a sudden?

She glanced at the screen.

It was Gu San.

She recalled that the little one wanted her to head to the hospital earlier. Her eyes softened and she couldn’t be bothered talking to this man any longer. She stepped aside and picked up the call.

“Hello. I’ll be there soon.”

“No, Miss Qiao, L-Little Young Master is in trouble!”

Qiao Nian had been flagging for a cab casually when she got stunned by these words. She suspected she had heard him wrongly. “Isn’t Chen Chen in the hospital now? What happened, is he having a stomach upset?”

“No. It’s Fu Ge, Second Young Master Fu’s girlfriend. She suddenly came to visit Little Young Master at the hospital with fruits and insisted on taking Little Young Master for a stroll outside. I went to settle Little Young Master’s discharge papers and wasn’t there for a while. It was just a while, but Little Young Master fell down the stairs and broke his left ankle.”

Qiao Nian could hear the man’s voice break and could guess just how confusing and stressful the situation there must be. Her eyes went red and a bloody, feisty aura formed around her. She said with a serious expression, “Don’t panic, I’m getting a cab now. Be there in 20 minutes!”

Gu San remembered to call her even in such a pressing situation mainly because he remembered how she’d performed the miraculous surgery the last time. He was holding onto hope that this problem could be solved the same way and hence made the call. Once he heard that Qiao Nian was rushing over, he somehow felt much more settled right away. He hurriedly asked, “Master Wang is still taking a look at Little Young Master in the ward. Miss Qiao, do you need me to get a car to bring you here?”

Qiao Nian’s expression was stern and her jawline sleek. She declined decisively. “If you get me a car, I’ll still have to wait for it to arrive. It’s faster if I go over on my own.”

She didn’t waste her breath on anything more. “I’m coming over now. Watch Chen Chen and don’t let any other doctors touch him as they wish.”

The Orthopedics department wasn’t even as renowned as their Neurology department. She didn’t trust these orthopedics surgeons at all.

After Qiao Nian hung up, Qiao Weimin feigned concern upon seeing that she looked troubled. “Nian Nian, what happened?”

In the past, the furthest Qiao Nian had gone was to ignore him completely. But this time, Qiao Weimin saw the blood vessels in her eyes as she glared at him coldly. “You better pray that Chen Chen is alright. Otherwise, I won’t let Qiao Chen off!”

Qiao Weimin was stunned. “What happened to Chen Chen?”

“You ask her what she’s done!”

Qiao Nian managed to get a cab. Ignoring Qiao Weimin, she bent over and got into the cab, telling the driver, “Sir, to the City Hospital Emergency Department.

“Please hurry.”

Seeing that her face was all red with worry, the driver quickly agreed and stepped hard on the accelerator.

The Fu family members in City Hospital rushed over.

Madam Fu and Fu Sinian seemed anxious.

Fu Ge’s expression was dark as he followed behind his mother and brother.

Outside of the ward, only Gu San was present.

Ye Wangchuan and the doctors were inside.

Qiao Chen was in a white dress and had a new-edition Givenchy handbag slung on her shoulder. Her face was pale as a sheet and her eyes were red and swollen from the crying. She immediately got up as she saw them coming and called out hurriedly, “Aunt Fu. Brother Fu.”

“You have the cheek to call me!” Madam Fu’s fury rose inside her the moment she saw Qiao Chen, and she shoved her furiously. “Ha, how could I dare to be your Aunt? You’re amazing, huh, being able to act on a five-year-old child. Do you know that Chen Chen is the only young successor of the Fu family! If anything happens to him, I’m telling you, you can forget about dating our Fu Ge!”

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