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Chapter 186: Master Wang Said That No One Is Allowed to Enter

Qiao Chen was panicking. She cried as she tried desperately to explain herself. “Madam, I didn’t cause Chen Chen to fall on purpose. Believe me. I wanted to pull him in, but I wasn’t able to do so. I was also injured as a result.”

Her left knee was bandaged up and blood was seeping through the dressing. She looked pitifully at Fu Ge. It was as though she was an injured animal, begging for him to help her.

Fu Ge couldn’t bear to leave her in the lurch. He stood up and walked in front of his mom. He then defended Qiao Chen. “Mom, I believe Chen Chen didn’t do it on purpose. She got injured as well. It’s just an accident.”

“How could you try to speak up for her now!”

Madam Fu had never seen a guy as dense as him. She was so mad that she wanted to give him a tight slap and ask him to face reality.

Couldn’t he see that the Ye family was here?

Why was he defending Qiao Chen!

She glared at her son before pointing at Qiao Chen. “Does it matter if she did it on purpose? Your nephew broke his leg because of her, and he’s still in the ward. You should know that his left leg has some defects. Can we solve the problem just because she didn’t do it on purpose? Have you thought about your brother and me when you defended her? Have you thought about your poor nephew?”

When Gu San heard the words “poor” and “defects”, he frowned as they made him uncomfortable.

Miss Qiao had never spoken anything about Little Young Master’s defects even though she was an outsider. Yet, even though they were his kin and knew that he was insecure about his legs, they loved talking about it in front of him. That was why it wasn’t surprising that the Little Young Master didn’t like to meet them when he came to Rao City!

“Alright, knock it off. Let’s go check on Chen Chen,” Fu Sinian said. He was Ye Qichen’s biological father, after all.

He pulled both of them apart. Madam Fu and Fu Ge then stopped arguing as they wanted to enter the ward.

Qiao Chen followed after Fu Ge with watery eyes, wanting to check on him as well.

However, when they arrived at the door, Gu San stopped them.

“Gu San, what’s the meaning of this?” Fu Sinian asked in an unfriendly manner as he was worried about his son.

Gu San looked at him coldly. He didn’t care about Fu Sinian and replied coldly, “Master Wang said it already. No one is allowed to enter.”

“Even me?” Fu Sinian asked as he pointed at himself. Pissed, he scoffed. “I’m Chen Chen’s dad!”

Hehe, could you call yourself the father when you never raised him?

Gu San looked at him coldly and continued to block their way. He then said, “Both Master Wang and Old Master Ye instructed so!

“Before the Little Young Master’s conditions stabilize, no one is allowed to enter! Especially those with malicious intentions!”

It was obvious that he was referring to Qiao Chen!

Qiao Chen’s face turned pale. She looked up and bit on her lips. She became more insecure.

She had realized that Madam Fu had been really cold to her. She was worried that the Fu family wouldn’t accept her, considering the difficulties the family’s business was facing. Hence, she thought about the kid that was really important to the Fu family that she had seen once in the hospital.

She wanted to gain their favor by building up a good rapport with the kid as that would help in her situation. However, the kid wasn’t cooperative. When she had dragged him to the stairs, he continued to struggle out of her grip despite the danger.

That was why the accident occurred.

She was scared to death when he fell down the stairs. She tried to stop him, but she failed to do so.

She also suffered as a result. Ye Qichen broke his left leg, but she also scraped her knee when she wanted to stop his fall. The doctor even told her that it might leave a scar!

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