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1663 Miss Qiao Knows Many People

On the other hand, the young man in the living room, who was covered in wind and frost, had seen the girl coming down to get something several times.

This time, he finally couldn’t help but look at the girl’s lazy back. He lowered his voice and asked, “Is that Miss Qiao that Ji Lin mentioned before? She knows someone from the Pharmacy Association? She even had a conflict with Qi Yan from Country M?”

He was slightly taller than Gu San, and the scar on his face was very eye-catching.

However, he looked dignified and solemn. His entire body emitted a bloodthirsty aura. His face was not too disfigured by the scar. Instead, it made him different from other men in the capital.

Gu San was very respectful to him and made him a cup of tea.

He had just put down the teacup when he heard his question. He turned to look at Qiao Nian, who had opened the fridge door and was casually taking water. Without waiting for Ye Wangchuan to speak, he said, “Miss Qiao knows quite a lot of people.”

Mo Dong raised his eyebrows and looked in the girl’s direction in disbelief.

He looked her up and down. No matter how he looked at her, he felt that she was just an ordinary person. There was nothing special about her.

Mo Dong retracted his gaze and simply ignored Qiao Nian. He crossed his legs on the other side of the sofa and rested them on the coffee table and then said in a low voice, “We’ve already found out who stole the Ye family’s goods this time. It’s a small gang. They don’t seem to have any background at first glance. The Independent Continent is filled with such small groups of outlaws. They often rob and intercept goods.

“But while they’re a motley crew, they’re not completely brainless.

“At most, they’ll snatch things from small families with no background or merchants who go to the Independent Continent to start businesses. They won’t touch families they can’t afford to offend.”

Mo Dong was annoyed for no reason. He picked up his tea. “Their behavior was very strange this time. I caught one of them. That small fry insisted that they didn’t know that they were snatching the Ye family’s goods. They thought that it was a small businessman’s goods… But the Ye family’s goods are rare materials, and the Ye family’s logo was on them. They insisted that they didn’t know. They were just talking nonsense to me~!”

Ye Wangchuan remained calm.

His gaze was not on him, but on the girl getting water from the fridge not far away.

He saw the girl take out a bottle of cold water from the fridge with ease. He raised his eyebrows, his eyes burning. “Nian Nian, have you forgotten what I told you a few days ago?”

The girl stopped twisting the lid and looked over impatiently.

He was in a good mood. “You can’t drink cold water for the next few days. I put some water at room temperature in the pantry for you. Drink that first.”

Mo Dong still had a stomach full of unfinished words. His eyelids twitched and he looked in the girl’s direction upon seeing that Master Wang was not listening to him.

“Be good, hold on a little longer.” He raised his thin lips and coaxed her.

After a moment of silence, the girl put the ice water back on the fridge and grabbed the normal-temperature mineral water. Then, she went upstairs.

He watched the girl go up to the second floor before slowly looking away. He leaned towards Mo Dong, who was already speechless, and asked lazily, “Where’s Wang Fei? Did you find him?”

Mo Dong didn’t react for a moment. Then, he shook his head and said solemnly, “No. I don’t know where Wang Fei went. The goods we found don’t match up, either. More than half of them are missing!”

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