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1662 The Calm God, Sister Nian!

“If you had known earlier, you wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to go to the Pharmacy Association. You could have used other connections to get this chance to go to the Independent Continent.”

She was quite regretful.

However, she had already let it go. “I’m fine now. I’ve thought about it carefully. So what if I go to the Independent Continent this time? I’ll just get to know a few people with Dean Zhong and the others. Then? Nothing will change after that.

“Previously, we got to know the Qi family and Qi Yan. But what happened in the end? We were still restricted and controlled by others. It’s not a long-term thing.

“I don’t want to muddle forever! I can only become stronger and seize all the opportunities and fate by myself.”

Tang Wanru did not expect her to say this. She was a little stunned and touched. “Xianrou…”

She actually did not expect the Qi family’s matter to have such a huge impact on her daughter.

“I’m sorry.” Tang Wanru felt a little guilty. “… Otherwise, you could have gone to the Independent Continent.”

It was mainly because that person’s attitude was so vague.

If that person was willing to help, so what if Qiao Nian knew Zhong Yiliu and had a good relationship with him?

They couldn’t stop Jiang Xianrou from going to the Independent Continent!

She said indifferently, “I don’t care if I go to the Independent Continent anymore. I already have a better goal now.”

“You…” Tang Wanru wanted to ask her what her goal was.

However, Jiang Xianrou did not intend to tell her. “Mom, I’ll tell you about this later. In short, it won’t affect anything even if I don’t go to the Independent Continent!

“I will only become stronger and stronger in the future. I don’t need to rely on anyone, and they won’t dare to underestimate me.”

In the next few days, Qiao Nian was busy preparing to go to the Independent Continent.

Ye Wangchuan seemed to be very busy too.

Qiao Nian realized that many unfamiliar faces had come to look for him recently.

All of them had a murderous aura that was completely different from the people who led a comfortable life in the capital. They were like sharp knives that were frozen in ice!

It was obvious that they were not from Beijing.

She didn’t care too much and didn’t ask who those people were.

However, when Qiao Nian passed by the living room once, she heard him call out one of their names. It seemed to be Mo Dong.

She had some impression of this name.

There was such a person in the illegal zone.

However, he had no conflict with the Red Alliance, and she had not specially investigated his background. However, he should be the same as Ji Lin, whom she had met in Country M. He was also one of Ye Wangchuan’s subordinates. There was a high chance that he was related to Bright Gate, which she had investigated the previous time.

No one in the capital knew about Ye Wangchuan’s relationship with Bright Gate.

Aunt Ye and Old Master Ye probably didn’t know about this. Qiao Nian guessed that this was one of his forces overseas.

As for whether he had any other forces other than the Bright Gate?

Qiao Nian wasn’t sure, nor did she want to find out.

In any case, since he had called these people here, he definitely had no intention of hiding anything from her. If she asked, he would definitely tell her.

However, Qiao Nian didn’t ask.

It was unnecessary.

She had a lot of aliases before, so she had no right to ask him about this.

Over the past few days, Qiao Nian watched the men in black enter and exit the apartment. They basically pretended not to see her. They were very ‘sensible’.

Every time she passed by them to get water, it was like she had the words ‘I can’t see, you guys chat’ on her forehead.

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