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1602 Face Slapping, We’re Removed From the List

As for how unusual, she had already sent someone to find out, but there were no results yet.

Her people in Country M had only found out that Qiao Nian wasn’t on the Pharmacy Association’s list. In other words, Qiao Nian wasn’t a member.

However, with just one sentence from Qiao Nian, Zhong Yiliu, who had always ignored everyone, actually canceled Jiang Xianrou’s spot in the Independent Continent. What did this mean? It meant that… Qiao Nian’s connections in the Pharmacy Association were much stronger than hers!

At the very least, she did not have the power to change the Pharmacy Association’s decision.

“Then, what should we do now? Lanyin is still in their hands. I’m worried about her safety.” Qi Rongguang paced around anxiously and stopped. He frowned and looked at her. “Do you want to go to the Jiang family again? Try to talk to Jiang Zongnan and the others.”

“It’s useless.”

Qi Yan felt a headache coming on when she saw him walking in front of her. How could she not be frustrated? “Do you think I’m not worried about Lanyin’s safety? If I wasn’t worried about her safety, I wouldn’t have smashed my phone here! Hacker Alliance, Security Bureau… Other than the Red Alliance, I’ve found all the connections I can. Others have tried their best to help us, but no one can decipher Qiao Nian’s signal jammer system. If they can’t find Lanyin’s location, what can I do? Can I rush to Qiao Nian and ask her to hand her over?”

Of course, she wanted to do that.

After all, she had done a lot of bullying over the years!

She had always been domineering in her way of doing things, the kind that did not care about anything. She wouldn’t consider so much. If she could use power to pressure, she would directly use power to pressure.

But this time, she was no match for the other party!

“Brother, don’t forget. Beijing is the Ye family’s territory.

“Qiao Nian is very close to that person from the Ye family. They live together. What do you want me to do? We haven’t moved yet, but they might have already brought us in.” Qi Yan suppressed her voice. Her words were frightening, but they weren’t entirely alarmist.

Qi Rongguang wasn’t stupid. He could tell that Qi Yan was not scaring him.

He was just about to be exhausted by all kinds of things, so he couldn’t help but complain, “You shouldn’t have attacked Jiang Li without discussing it with me first. You shouldn’t have used Lanyin’s account to do this. If you had told me from the beginning, perhaps these things wouldn’t have happened…”

Qi Yan looked at him expressionlessly. “I did this for the Qi family’s sake! I just wanted to invite her over for tea, but she found someone to stop me and bump into you. If I don’t act tough, where will our family’s face go? How are we going to survive outside in the future? How will others look at us?”

Qi Rongguang also said angrily, “Does it matter how others think of us? It’s better for us to be a laughingstock than to have our family destroyed! The Qi family can’t last much longer, and I can’t hold on much longer either. Our family is about to go bankrupt.”

Qi Yan took a deep breath, her temples throbbing, then said, “Don’t worry. The Qi family won’t collapse so easily as long as I’m around.”

She received a call from Country M as soon as she finished speaking.

Qi Yan picked it up. She tried her best to suppress her anger and said calmly, “Hello.”

The person on the other end of the line was her trusted aide in Country M. At this moment, he called out to her in an extremely flustered tone, “Madam, bad news. The royal family suddenly announced that they want to streamline the members. We’ve been excluded from the list announced by the royal family!”

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