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1601 You’re Right, She Knows Zhong Yiliu

She went up and flipped through the pages.

She was right. The MV went online yesterday.

The popularity was a little high.

Qiao Nian took a look at the trending searches. There were one or two more trending searches that day.

She skimmed through it but didn’t click on it. Then, she went back and logged on to QQ and downloaded the variety program Wen Ruxia had sent her.

Next, she put the phone back in her pocket, propped her arm on the side of the window, and said, “Let’s go back to Rhine.”

Beijing Hotel.

Qi Rongguang was already as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. He paced around and said, “Our people haven’t found Lanyin yet, and Mas has no way of locating her. Lanyin has been missing for almost eight days. We can’t just sit here and wait.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Qi Yan was very tired. In just a few days, she had aged a lot, and she looked like she had lost most of her energy.

Qi Rongguang had just arrived in Beijing yesterday. He had probably heard about the situation from her. He asked her anxiously, “Has no one from the Jiang family contacted you yet?”

“Who do you think will contact me?” Qi Yan stared at him, then shifted her gaze away angrily. Holding her breath, she said, “Jiang Zongnan won’t agree to help no matter what. Jiang Yao won’t say a word, either. The Jiang family’s mother and daughter are very willing to help us. However, I heard that Qiao Nian has already gone to warn them and even ruined Jiang Xianrou’s chance to go to the Independent Continent. If Jiang Xianrou can’t go to the Independent Continent, how much do you think she’ll be willing to help us?”

Qi Yan saw through him and said coldly, “Jiang Xianrou is someone who won’t act unless she sees success. She won’t help us unless she sees benefits.”

Qi Rongguang was stunned by her words. After recovering from his shock, he frowned and looked at her. “Why would Qiao Nian ruin Jiang Xianrou’s chance to go to the Independent Continent? You have such a good relationship with the Pharmacy Association. Does she know Zhong Yiliu?”

“Huh.” Qi Yan picked up the tequila on the table and finished it in one gulp, then put it down and looked at him. “You’re right. She knows Zhong Yiliu.”

Qi Rongguang was stunned.

Qi Yan’s face was ashen. She was no longer afraid of losing face and said bluntly, “I met her when I accompanied the Jiang family’s mother and daughter to the Pharmacy Association to report. At that time, she was by Dean Zhong’s side. Dean Zhong’s personal disciple even said that she was Dean Zhong’s friend. However, at that time, I didn’t think of investigating her relationship with the Pharmacy Association. I was distracted by other matters and forgot to investigate.

“…I called Jiang Xianrou again this morning. She said that she couldn’t go to the Independent Continent. Qiao Nian interfered and ruined her chance. Only then did I remember this.”

Qi Yan took a deep breath and looked at the middle-aged man, who was stunned by the series of events. She said tiredly, “Brother, under these circumstances, Qiao Nian’s relationship with the Pharmacy Association is not ordinary. Her relationship with Dean Zhong is definitely not inferior to mine.”

She was slurring her words.

In fact, she knew very well that her relationship with Zhong Yiliu was just an ordinary one.

Zhong Yiliu owed her a favor when he moved the Pharmacy Association to Country M. It was just a favor.

Qiao Nian was different.

From Zhong Yiliu’s attitude towards Qiao Nian then, and the respect that his personal disciple, Robert, showed her, she should have understood that Qiao Nian’s status in the Pharmacy Association was extraordinary.

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