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Chapter 157: Could It Be Qiao Nian?

It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t brought it up. Now that she did, Qiao Weimin hurled the item in his hand.

“You’re still mentioning Cheng Feng Corporation!”

A flying glass shard happened to brush across Qiao Chen’s arm, causing a small wound and blood to ooze from it.

She yelped in pain.

In the past, the whole family would be extremely concerned about her even when she merely complained about aches and pains.

But the atmosphere at home now was unusually gloomy and heavy.

No one actually bothered about her.

This was the first time Qiao Chen was being neglected like this. She held her elbow and couldn’t help but think about Qiao Nian.

This was what it was like for Qiao Nian in the past. Whether she had been injured or had lost all appetite after a blood transfusion, nobody cared about her.

All of a sudden, Qiao Chen felt an acute sense of loneliness and insignificance.

But now she was even more curious to find out what was going on!

“Mom, what’s with Dad?” Her eyes were red and glistening with tears. She turned to He Yujuan. “Grandma, what’s with Dad?”

He Yujuan had a squarish face. She looked rather decent when she was younger, but having aged, the protruding jawline became extremely obvious. Without the collagen in her skin, it simply looked like her facial skin was pasted onto her bone structure, despite all the care she’d taken to protect and rejuvenate it. As such, her facial angles made her look extremely harsh and mean.

Holding onto her walking stick in much anger, she yelled, “What else could it be? That Cheng Feng Corporation must have gone silly. They suddenly called your dad and said they won’t be working together anymore. They won’t be working with us anymore in the future!”

Qiao Chen widened her eyes in disbelief. “…How come?”

She said urgently, “But we’ve already signed the agreement with them, they can’t go against it…”

Without Cheng Feng Corporation’s support, the Qiao Family was just like a tiger without teeth. Who would fear them?

Qiao Weimin finally acknowledged her presence. He looked up with bloodshot eyes and grabbed his hair. “Chairman Yuan said they’re willing to pay the penalty for breaking the contract, but the collaboration is off no matter what.”

He had driven straight to Cheng Feng Corporation after the call, but the security officers hadn’t even let him through the entrance.

He called Su Mo, but Su Mo didn’t pick it up either.

Su Mo simply sent him a cold and curt message telling him to think about how many sins he had committed and who he had offended such that they had changed their minds. They had wanted to complete the final collaborative project before calling it quits for good, but now, they wouldn’t even give him the last project to work on.

Until now, he still hadn’t figured out what exactly had happened.

Who could they have offended?

… Cheng Feng Corporation’s old Chairwoman, Yuan Yongqin?

To be fair, besides the occasions they had to meet to discuss the project and logistics involved, he hardly even got the chance to meet her in person.

How could he have offended her?

Qiao Chen was struck with a hard blow. She could feel her mind buzzing as she said without a second thought, “Dad, go and apologize to them. We should fight for it. They helped us out so much in the past, they can’t just do this to us now.”

If the Qiao Family went bankrupt, what was she to do in the future?

She didn’t want to become an ordinary person.

“They said we offended someone.” Qiao Weimin scratched his head. His eyes were very red.

“Who did we offend?”

Qiao Chen asked this, but deep in her heart, she recalled how she’d come in the way of Qiao Nian yesterday and what Qiao Nian had said to her in response.

It sounded like Qiao Nian didn’t want to give them a chance to annoy her anymore.

She recalled the annoyance and frustration in Qiao Nian’s gaze. It seemed as if Qiao Nian had tolerated her to the best of her ability and that was her limit.

So, could it be Qiao Nian?

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