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Chapter 156: The Consequences of Her Pretentious Behavior

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Fu Ge left without even wishing her good night. He reversed the car and left immediately.

Qiao Chen could only stare at his departure while clenching her bag. She then turned and entered the villa.

The lights were still on.

Everyone was up.

She left her bag at the door and said, “I’m back.”

She wanted to tell Shen Qiongzhi that she saw Qiao Nian at the hotel. However, when she entered the living room, she could feel that the situation was tense.

Her dad, mom, and grandma were there.

The floor was in a mess, with many broken pieces scattered across it.

The lady that the family employed was quietly cleaning up the mess.

Her heart skipped a beat as a strong sense of insecurity filled her heart. She walked in and asked, “What’s wrong, mom? What happened to dad…”

Qiao Weimin’s eyes were red as he held his head. His jacket was crumpled, and his hair, which would be usually styled nicely, was messy. He looked really jaded.

She had never seen her dad like this before.

Her insecurity grew and she asked, “Is there something wrong with the company?”

How could the company have any problem! They were supported by the Cheng Feng Corporation. Even if there was a hiccup, their cash flow wouldn’t end if Cheng Feng Corporation didn’t collapse.

Wasn’t that how it’d been for the past few years?

Shen Qiongzhi was no longer her old graceful self. She was panicky and looked lost as she answered her, “Chen Chen, our company… might be facing an issue.”

Qiao Chen’s heart sank. But she forced a smile and asked, “What issue?”

“We were doing well previously and managed to win a huge contract from the Cheng Feng Corporation. They wanted us to build the new cinema in Rao City. We’d have fulfilled our KPI1 with this contract.”

It was a profitable business.

They would earn a lot when they were awarded projects from Cheng Feng Corporation.

This was because Cheng Feng Corporation had always offered the highest price. They would turn a blind eye to mediocre results so long they didn’t go too far.

Once they were caught for using steel not up to quality.

They thought that everything was over.

They would have to cough up a big sum of money and their partnership would end.

However, Cheng Feng Corporation didn’t ask for a single cent. They even paid for the project’s reconstruction.

Since then, everyone knew that Cheng Feng Corporation had an extraordinary relationship with Qiao Property Firm and that they would always have Cheng Feng Corporation to fall back on.

Someone even speculated that the boss of Cheng Feng Corporation had an indecent relationship with her dad.

But she knew.

They hadn’t met with the higher-ups from Cheng Feng Corporation much. They would contact each other through their secretary. If Cheng Feng Corporation had any instructions, it would be conveyed through Su Mo.

Even so, Cheng Feng Corporation treated them well.

They treated them so well that many other companies were jealous and wanted to be a part of it.

They also managed to be listed through Cheng Feng Corporation’s support. It was as though Rao City was their oyster.

Else, Madam Fu wouldn’t have allowed her to date Fu Ge given the Fu family’s power.

She was nothing without the company.

Qiao Chen’s heart raced. She then asked Shen Qiongzhi anxiously, “Mom, you must be kidding. We can just look for Cheng Feng Corporation if there are any problems with the company. Since they have such a good relationship with us, they would surely help us.”

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