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1566 Qi Yan Was Almost Pissed Off

The Qi family had just experienced the previous storm and almost went down.

Although Qi Yan had found a mysterious backer to help them survive, and they seemed to be more prosperous than before, only Qi Yan knew best that the Qi family was only maintaining superficial glory.

Her brother had researched the chip technology for 10 years, and the Qing University’s research team had also created a chip similar to theirs, which directly destroyed their 10-year plan.

For that chip technology, the Qi family had not only invested a lot of effort and manpower in the past 10 years, but they had also spent a lot of money on this project.

The final results were even beaten to it by others, making their goal of monopolizing the market fall short.

The chip technology also became useless.

The Qi family was relying on that technology to achieve the entire group’s transformation goal. Without the chip technology, their foundation was also injured.

This was also why Qi Yan hated Qiao Nian so much.

Back in the illegal district, if Qiao Nian hadn’t interfered, they would have long used the International IT Association to forcefully steal and plagiarize from the Qing University’s Research Institute.

In the end… Qiao Nian intervened, and everything changed.

It could be said that the Qi family’s current predicament was inevitably related to Qiao Nian.

She still dared to suggest giving her a billion.

A billion, not a hundred thousand.

Even if the Hengfeng Corporation had money, they wouldn’t be able to take out a billion yuan all of a sudden. Even if they could, it would definitely be a huge blow to them. They would be as good as dead even if they didn’t die.

“One billion is too much,” Qi Yan said without thinking.

Qiao Nian didn’t seem to mind. The corners of her lips curled up, and she said valiantly, “I’ll give you a day to think about it. It’s fine if you don’t pay me. There are many high-rise buildings in Country M. I want to see if Qi Lanyin will be as lucky as my brother if she falls from them. She’ll be able to keep her life, then.

“It doesn’t matter to you. It matters even less to me.”

“Qiao Nian!” Qi Yan was so angry that her head was filled with blood. Her vision darkened, and she almost fainted from anger.

Unfortunately, Qiao Nian ignored her and hung up.

She did not put down her phone immediately after hanging up. Instead, she leaned back in her chair and opened QQ.

She hadn’t logged into QQ in a long time. Now that she did, other than some messy group messages, there was also a message from Wen Ruxia.

“Qiao Nian, the MV will be released on October 15th. Can you post on Weibo and interact with me? I’ll do some publicity. My Weibo name is ‘Wind in Summer’.”

Qiao Nian rubbed her temples and realized that Wen Ruxia had sent her a message a week ago.

Which meant she never replied.

Qiao Nian looked at the date on the top corner of her phone.

October 13th.

Fortunately, there were still two days to go. There was still time.

Qiao Nian replied to Wen Ruxia on QQ. Then, she placed her phone beside her and quickly logged into her Weibo account.

She had only posted on Weibo twice.

Once on Jiang Li’s Weibo post to clarify.

The other time was when she tagged Qiao Chen and publicly announced that she had used her song to win the award.

After that, Qiao Nian never used Weibo again.

Mainly because she was usually busy and had no interest in sharing her life on Weibo.

As soon as she logged into her go-to account and password, 99+ messages popped up, followed by 99+ follows.

Her computer nearly jammed from the bounce.

Qiao Nian deleted all the private messages and followers that popped up. Finally, the computer page was clean. She added Wen Ruxia’s Weibo username and pressed the Enter key.

Weibo immediately showed her dozens of people called “Wind in Summer”.

She checked the first one. It was Wen Ruxia’s account.

Qiao Nian clicked on it.

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