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1567 Sister Nian: I Might Have Stabbed Gone With the Wind’s Nest Recently

Qiao Nian rarely used Weibo. Not only had she only posted two Weibo posts, but her follow list was also clean.

Other than following Jiang Li’s Weibo account, Qiao Nian had never followed anyone else.

Wen Ruxia was the second person she paid attention to.

She clicked on “follow” and then clicked on the “Wind in Summer” account. Next, she saw the Weibo post at the top.

Wen Ruxia’s Weibo post was a video about the Winter Games. There were only a few comments and shares under her post.

Qiao Nian clicked on the comment section.

There were less than 10 comments in total, and they were all from people she knew.

[Flying Cat: Could that figure in the video be Young Master Wen’s goddess? @Wind in Summer 2.0, Young Master Wen, quickly forward your goddess.]

[Make Me Fly: God Qiao.]

[Gone With the Wind 2.0: Young Master, I’ve forwarded it!]

[Gone With the Wind 2.0: Alright.]

[Gone With the Wind 2.0: Transfer another.]

Qiao Nian’s half-squinted eyes were still a little sleepy. Seeing the curious ID in the comment section, Gone With the Wind 2.0, she couldn’t help but recall the middle school name that Qin Si had complained to her about.

It seemed to also be Gone With the Wind.

Resting her chin in her hand, she narrowed her eyes and double-checked. It was indeed Gone With the Wind, but there was a 2.0 behind the ID.

She had recently poked the nest of ‘Gone With the Wind’. Why was that name everywhere?

Qiao Nian took a few more glances at the ID and slowly closed the comments. Then, she composed a few words and reposted Wen Ruxia’s Weibo post.

After doing this, Qiao Nian got up to dry her hair.

Her hair was dripping wet. If she didn’t blow it dry, her shirt would get wet on her shoulders.

Ten minutes later.

The girl blew her hair half dry. When she was sure it wasn’t dripping anymore, she dropped the hairdryer and returned to the desk.

The computer had been beeping non-stop since earlier, but Qiao Nian had ignored it while drying her hair.

Walking over, she realized that the Weibo post she had reposted earlier had already been labeled as a hot topic. There were many more reposts and comments on the message board in the upper right corner.

Qiao Nian walked over and covered the mouse with one hand, then clicked on one of them.

[God, is that you in the video?]

[Master Zhui Guang, did you film an MV for Spark? Damn, did you star in it yourself?]

[Spread it around! We have to blow this up!]

[I’ve already given ‘Wind in Summer’ a lot of attention ~ (*^ω^*) Hehe, I can’t chase after my idol, but I have the same kind of attention as big shot Zhui Guang~ Smart Mom fan, peeping online!]

Qiao Nian didn’t finish reading all of them. She only saw a few comments that had received a lot of likes.

Then, she looked away from the computer, walked to the side, and casually grabbed a bottle of water. She had just unscrewed the cap when her phone lit up.

Qiao Nian caught a glimpse of the Class A group chat of First High School. She raised her head and took a sip of water. Then, she closed the cap of the mineral water bottle and reached for her phone.

It had been a long time since the group was so active.

All of them appeared today. They were very active.

[Shen Qingqing: Have you guys seen Sister Nian’s Weibo? She posted on Weibo.]

Shen Qingqing was admitted to University A, which was next to Qing University. The Media Department was also one of the ace majors in University A other than the Computing Faculty.

[Chen Yuan: I saw it.]

[Zhou Feiyang: I saw it.]

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