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1560 The Black Mandala Is Indeed Related to Sister Nian

On the other side, in a hot pot restaurant in Beijing.

The bottom of the pot rolled out an alluring fragrance under the high temperature. The fiery red color alone was appetizing.

Qiao Nian ate until she was 70% full, then her eating speed began to slow down. When she threw down her chopsticks, she rested her chin on her cold white wrist and casually leaned back in her chair to play with her phone. Guan Yan had just sent her a message.

[Guan Yan: Boss, Qi Lanyin is in an abandoned factory. What are you going to do with her? Kill her or…?]

What a ruthless person!

Qiao Nian clicked her tongue. Holding her chin, she replied with one hand.

[Q: Wait a little longer.]

Soon, Guan Yan replied to her.

[Guan Yan: OK, I’ll follow your arrangements.]

[Guan Yan: Miss Qi is quite honest. I thought I would have to knock her out. I didn’t expect her to be so obedient.]

Qiao Nian didn’t know what had happened to make Guan Yan feel that Qi Lanyin was ‘honest’.

Her slender fingers tapped the side of her face. Her eyes were half-closed, lazy.

She didn’t reply. Her thoughts were scattered.

In a way, Qi Lanyin was indeed an ‘honest person’. At least compared to Qiao Chen and Jiang Xianrou, Qi Lanyin was much more sensible.

It had been the same in the illegal district before.

Once Qi Lanyin realized that she was at a disadvantage, she would not blindly argue no matter how angry she was.

Very sensible.

Just as Qiao Nian was thinking this, her phone buzzed again.

Pulled back to the present, she looked down at the new message on her phone.

This time, it wasn’t Guan Yan. It was Slim Waist Control.

He was talkative as usual.


He sent her a bunch of stuff.

Qiao Nian finished reading ten lines at a glance. He had sent seven or eight lines of text. In summary, everything could be resumed to one sentence—[The Black Mandala has reappeared!]

Qiao Nian’s lips twitched. Her body was very honest. She clicked away from his profile picture and ignored him.

She hadn’t forgotten that the last few times she had revealed her identity was because of someone’s big mouth!

If he knew that the Black Mandala was related to her and Guan Yan, Qiao Nian couldn’t imagine how she would be exposed completely.

Slim Waist Control always had countless ways to expose her!

So, it was best not to tell him.

Qiao Nian was playing with her phone lazily after her meal. Qin Si was almost full as well. He put down his chopsticks.

He glanced in the direction of the girl and immediately thought of something. He asked, “By the way, Master Wang, Sister Qiao, do you know about the Black Mandala?”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

Ye Wangchuan noticed that the girl stopped playing with her phone and looked in Qin Si’s direction.

He also put down his chopsticks and wiped the corner of his mouth elegantly. His voice was low and pleasant. “What about it?”

“The Black Mandala has reappeared.” Qin Si was very keen to share the gossip. He immediately explained to Zhang Yang and the others in high spirits what the Black Mandala was about and how it appeared and disappeared.

In the end, he emotionally said, “Recently, the illegal district has become more and more lively. Many forces that used to keep a low profile have appeared recently. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Wasn’t it because there were too many people looking for trouble recently?

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes darkened as he leaned lazily back in his chair. His shoulders relaxed and he looked noncommittal.

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