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1561 My Former Online Name Is ‘Gone With the Wind’

“How would I know?” Qin Si only knew a little about the illegal district. “I just heard that Black Mandala is moving again. As for what you asked…”

Qin Si smacked his lips and changed the topic to Qiao Nian. “Tsk, do you think I would know something that even Sister Qiao doesn’t know?”

He was very frank.

The only thing he didn’t do was write ‘lackey’ on his own face.

However, in the eyes of Zhang Yang and Gu San, his behavior was no different from a lackey. He knelt down to Boss Qiao openly.

Zhang Yang was silent for a moment before looking curiously in Qiao Nian’s direction.

The girl’s eyes became even more agitated, and she was even more speechless. She changed the topic. “Ahem, by the way, do you know anyone who has a collection of heavy equipment for a Boeing 737-300 from 20 years ago?”

“Heavy equipment?” Qin Si narrowed his eyes and looked at her in surprise. “Sister Qiao, why are you looking for the equipment for the plane? And a plane from 20 years ago at that. This model has long been discontinued, right?”

The Boeing 737-300 was a traditional aircraft model. This model had been discontinued about ten years ago.

Why was Qiao Nian looking for such a plane?

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