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1517 Sister Nian: This Child’s Brain Isn’t Good, He Likes to Call Daddy

Bo Zheng did not speak. Luo Ming couldn’t help but ask, “Who is it?”

“Slim Waist Control.”

Bo Zheng was speechless.

Luo Ming was speechless.

They had, of course, heard the name of Slim Waist Control.

He was one of the most active members of the Red Alliance. Usually, the Red Alliance relied on Slim Waist Control to contact the outside world, but this person was also difficult to approach.

Miss Qiao was actually friends with him?

Luo Ming recalled the first time he had met Qiao Nian. He had even doubted her ability with disdain.

Although he had been convinced later, he had never associated Qiao Nian with a place like the Red Alliance.

His throat was dry, and his voice was hoarse. “Miss Qiao knows someone from the Red Alliance…”

“It’s not surprising that she knows someone from the Red Alliance, right?” Qin Si beat around the bush at this time. He said very calmly, “I told you from the beginning that Sister Qiao isn’t here to play. She might help. Your people even stopped her from coming in.”

Luo Ming’s lips twitched. He really wanted to say — who the f*ck would have thought that Qiao Nian would know someone from the Red Alliance?

As the two of them spoke.

Qiao Nian hit Enter. Her posture relaxed, and so did her brows.

“How is it?” Bo Jingxing was the calmest among them. Neither he nor Zhang Yang participated in Qin Si’s conversation. They were focused on Qiao Nian’s situation.

As soon as he spoke.

Bo Zheng and Luo Ming’s attention was pulled back to the girl.

“I’m checking the location of Gu San’s phone. I still have to wait 10 minutes.”

Qiao Nian placed one hand on the back of the chair and picked up her phone with the other, preparing to hang up.

On the other end of the voice call, Slim Waist Control’s loud voice sounded. “Boss, why are there people talking over there? Are you outside?”

Qiao Nian paused for a second, a string tightening in her brain. Her face was expressionless, but her head hurt.

She was in a hurry and had forgotten to tell Slim Waist Control that she had someone with her. Stop talking nonsense.

“Boss? Boss?

“Boss, are you disconnected?”

Qiao Nian didn’t say a word. The person on the other end of the line was like clockwork, stirring up trouble. His voice wasn’t soft, and he was still shouting.

Qiao Nian’s temples were about to explode. Her fingers ruthlessly cut off the call, put the phone back, and coughed. “This child doesn’t have a good brain. He likes to call Daddy.”

There was complete silence.

The few of them were stunned by Slim Waist Control’s words.

Especially Bo Zheng and the others.

Qin Si had just explained to them a few minutes ago that the friend Qiao Nian was talking to was Slim Waist Control from the Red Alliance. However, not long after, Slim Waist Control called Qiao Nian ‘Boss’.

There was only one boss in the Red Alliance.


Bo Zheng thought of the message on his phone 10 minutes ago. The answer was obvious.

Qiao Nian = Sun.

Even though he was knowledgeable, he did not expect a freshman to be related to Sun.

This feeling…

For a moment, Bo Zheng couldn’t digest this bombshell. No wonder Ye Wangchuan had brought Qiao Nian to look for him.

Just as everyone was dumbfounded and unable to recover, the girl spoke in a deep and calm voice.

“I’ve got their location.”

On the other side.

Rain poured down in Quchi Town, and the extreme weather enveloped the sky of Shuangjiang City.

It had been raining heavily for three days, causing the riverbank to be flooded.

To make matters worse, the only road that led out was also broken by boulders and mud washed down by the landslide. They had completely lost contact with the outside world.

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