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1516 Uncle Bo, You Must Have Heard That Person’s Name

Qin Si could already tell who the other party was.

His expression was a little complicated. After all, he had been to the illegal district with Gu San and the others before and knew about Qiao Nian’s friend.

“Ah, I suppose so.”

Qin Si couldn’t tell Bo Zheng about Slim Waist Control, so he could only answer vaguely, “The other party is Sister Qiao’s friend.”

He’d been about to mention the Red Alliance. However, there were too many people around. Thus, Qin Si swallowed his words.


Back then, he was also very surprised. He had never thought that Qiao Nian had friends from the Red Alliance.

Although Qiao Nian’s friend wasn’t Sun, Slim Waist Control was still very impressive.

In any case, he had never understood why there were so many strange people around Qiao Nian.

Bo Zheng was about to ask more when his phone rang. He took it out and looked down.

His mature, handsome face lit up with surprise.

Luo Ming was by his side all year round and rarely saw him reveal his emotions. He asked, “Captain Bo, did something good happen?”

Everyone present was from his team, or Bo Jingxing and his friend.

Bo Zheng did not hide anything. He looked up in a good mood and said, “Sun from the Red Alliance has accepted the order.”

“The Red Alliance again?” Qin Si subconsciously asked in a low voice.

Bo Zheng might not have heard them. He explained, “Before you came, I posted a mission on the underground network to the Red Alliance. I didn’t expect them to accept it!”

Everyone in the top small circle in Beijing knew about the existence of the illegal district and the independent continent. Of course, they also knew about the forces entrenched there.

The Red Alliance was a very special existence in the illegal district.

And in the Red Alliance, Sun was special among special people.

As the leader of the Red Alliance, Sun was too mysterious. He basically never showed his face to the outside world. The outside world didn’t know if Sun was a man or a woman. How old he was…

However, it wasn’t surprising that hackers were mysterious.

Therefore, after so many years, although everyone was curious, they didn’t delve too deeply into Sun’s gender and age.

After Bo Zheng finished speaking, he was originally happy and was about to greet the other party.

If Qiao Nian said that there was no solution, they still had a way out. They could still find another expert to try.

“I’ll go out and contact the other party to see if it’s convenient for him now.” Bo Zheng took his phone and was about to go out.

Qin Si stopped him. “Uncle Bo, wait.”

Bo Zheng stopped in his tracks and looked at him in confusion, as if he did not understand why he was stopping him.

Qin Si was a little embarrassed by his gaze. He thought for a moment and said, “Sister Qiao is currently working with the people from the Red Alliance to find out Master Wang’s location. Why don’t you wait a little longer and wait for the results? You can still find Sun if it doesn’t work…”

Bo Zheng and Luo Ming looked confused.

Bo Zheng subconsciously looked in the direction of the girl in the call. “You said that Qiao Nian’s friend is from the Red Alliance?”

The Red Alliance had a high threshold.

In the past few years, other than a young member of the Qi family who almost entered the Red Alliance, only Zhou Hengfeng had barely touched the edge.

Qiao Nian was only a freshman at Qing University. How could she know someone from the Red Alliance?

“Her friend’s status in the Red Alliance is not low.” Qin Si did not hide anything and simply said, “Uncle Bo, you must have heard that person’s name.”

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