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1513 Your Friend’s Surname Is Qiao? Where Is She?

The Zhou family’s matter had caused an uproar previously.

Ever since Zhou Wei went to prison, the Zhou family had declined and was gradually removed from the few new noble families in Beijing.

Zhou Hengfeng must have hated this matter, so he found all sorts of reasons not to help.

Luo Ming was angry because this was not a personal matter. There were so many trapped people, but Zhou Hengfeng deliberately found excuses to not help.

Who couldn’t tell that he wanted to raise the price and negotiate with Captain Bo?!

“He’s just trying to put on airs. He wants us to beg him!” Luo Ming was livid. He was so angry that his voice trembled. “In his dreams!”

Bo Jingxing was listening at the side. Hearing this, he frowned and looked at Bo Zheng. “Third Uncle, did you ask Zhou Hengfeng for help?”

“Yes,” Bo Zheng replied with a dark expression, as if he was so disgusted by Zhou Hengfeng that he didn’t want to speak.

Qin Si didn’t care what they said. He was still thinking about Qiao Nian and the others who were stopped outside. He braced himself and faced the slightly solemn atmosphere. He said to Bo Zheng, “Um… Uncle Bo, I have a friend still waiting outside. Can you get the people outside to let her in…”

Luo Ming was originally still immersed in Zhou Hengfeng’s antics. However, his eyebrows twitched when he heard Qin Si mention the scoundrels he had brought with him. He wanted to say a few words, but he couldn’t because of Qin Si’s identity.

However, he looked at him reproachfully.

His eyes seemed to say, “At a time like this, you still care about your friends outside!”

Qin Si felt awkward under his gaze. He touched his earlobe and explained, “My friend came all the way here with us to find out about Master Wang’s situation. We came in. It’s not good for her to be stopped outside… Sister Qiao…”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but mention Qiao Nian’s nickname.

Bo Zheng did not agree to let his friend in at first. He only looked in his direction when he heard the person’s name. “Your friend’s surname is Qiao?”


What was wrong with the surname Qiao?

Qin Si still didn’t know that Ye Wangchuan had brought Qiao Nian to see Bo Zheng and even helped him track down Eagle Eye. He scratched his head in confusion.

“How old is she?” But Bo Zheng was like a drowning man grasping at straws. His eyes lit up.

Qin Si said, “She’s not old. She’s just a freshman. 18? 19? Anyway, she’s not old! But Sister Qiao isn’t here to play. She’s very worried about Master Wang’s safety. We…”

Bo Zheng placed the teacup he was holding on the table before Qin Si could finish speaking, startling him.

Bo Zheng didn’t think so himself. A surprised expression appeared on his face. He grabbed his arm and asked, “Where is this person? Is she outside?”

Qin Si was completely dumbfounded.

Luo Ming didn’t understand at first, but when he saw how excited Bo Zheng was, his mind also turned. His eyes were like torches, and he was much more excited than when he saw Qin Si and the others. He asked, “Captain Bo, is Young Master Qin talking about the one from last time…?”

“It should be her.” Bo Zheng smiled and relaxed.

Luo Ming reacted more strongly than he did. He immediately started for the door. “I’m going to bring her in.”

Bo Zheng did not waste his breath. He let go of Qin Si’s arm and ignored Bo Jingxing as he quickly followed him out.


Zhang Yang was still looking around. He turned his head and said to Qiao Nian, “I wonder when Young Master Qin and the others will come out?”

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