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1512 Not Letting Sister Nian In

He was familiar with everyone. After informing the guards, he rushed inside with Qiao Nian and the others.

Even Bo Jingxing was not as smooth as him. He knew many people.

However, they were stopped when they walked into the office where Bo Zheng and the technician were staying.

The other party sized them up and did not make things difficult for them. He said bluntly, “I’m sorry. Young Master Bo, Young Master Qin, you can go in. The rest of you, please wait outside.”

Qin Si frowned and almost lost his temper. He suppressed his anger and said angrily, “We came together. Why can’t they go in?”

He was referring to Qiao Nian and the others.

However, the other party did not give him any face. “Our technicians are inside. Some things are not convenient for outsiders to see, so only Young Master Bo and Young Master Qin can enter.”

“You!” Qin Si rolled up his sleeves and wanted to argue with him.

The girl behind him, who had always been rather lazy, pulled him back. Her voice was casual. “You guys go in first. I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Sister Qiao?” Qin Si turned around and saw that Qiao Nian’s expression was calm, as if she wasn’t angry. However, he felt aggrieved. He turned back to look at the people who had stopped Qiao Nian and the others outside and gritted his teeth.

Qiao Nian’s eyes darkened before he could flare up. She said, “Go in and see what’s going on. I’m not in a hurry.”

Qin Si gritted his teeth and hesitated.

Bo Jingxing pushed his glasses up his nose bridge, knowing that this was not the time to quarrel.

“Sorry, my third uncle is stubborn. I’ll go in and tell him to let you in.” He looked at the girl apologetically and pulled Qin Si’s arm as he walked in.

“Qiao Nian is right. Let’s go in and ask about the situation first.”

Qin Si was dragged in.

Zhang Yang didn’t mind. He said, “Miss Qiao, there’s a stool over there. Let’s sit and wait.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian pulled down her baseball cap and coolly followed them.

In the office.

Bo Jingxing and Qin Si went in first.

Bo Zheng had just returned after making the request to the Red Alliance, but they had yet to reply. He was quite anxious. He only raised his brows when he saw Qin Si and the others enter. “You guys are here?”

“Third Uncle.” Bo Jingxing was a noble young master outside, but he was obedient in front of his third uncle.

Qin Si wasn’t familiar with Bo Zheng.

However, they were all from Beijing and were in the same circle. It was inevitable that they would meet on certain occasions, so he had seen Bo Zheng before.

In addition, Bo Zheng was his good friend’s elder. He still greeted him politely, “Hello, Uncle Bo. I’m Qin Si.”

Bo Zheng glanced at him and nodded. His expression softened slightly. “I know. Jingxing mentioned you. You’re here too?”

“I don’t trust Master Wang,” Qin Si replied frankly.

Bo Zheng nodded again and stopped talking.

At this moment, Luo Ming rushed over, his expression even uglier than before.

“Captain Bo, Zhou Hengfeng said that he can’t come.”

He didn’t look at Bo Jingxing and Qin Si. He said with a reddened face, “At first, I told him to come over and help, and he agreed readily. In the end, he immediately made excuses when he heard that Young Master Ye was also trapped. One moment, he said that he had a cold, and the next moment, he said that his relative had a car accident. Ha! He treated me like a fool.”

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