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1503 Sister Nian Arrived in Time

Qiao Nian said casually as she walked out, “No. 6, right? I’ll come out to look for you.”

“You got off the plane?”

Without thinking, Xu Jishen immediately said, “I’ll go in and pick you up, Miss Qiao.”

Qiao Nian had already walked out.

She walked out and immediately saw Xu Jishen standing by the car by the road. Someone familiar was standing beside him.

Qiao Nian’s voice was low and pleasant. “No need. I can see you.”

She finished speaking and hung up. Then, she raised her hand and waved in his direction.

Xu Jishen was originally looking around for her while speaking on the phone. Thus, he immediately walked over when he saw her walking out of the exit.

“Miss Qiao, why did you come out so quickly? I saw the flight information. The plane just landed.” Xu Jishen’s facial features were not as outstanding as Ye Wangchuan’s, but he had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He looked very energetic.

He was wearing a red and white striped polo shirt and casual pants today. He looked fresh and handsome. He wasn’t a hunk, but at least he was good-looking.

Qiao Nian was used to Ye Wangchuan and Qin Si’s looks. She didn’t think much of Xu Jishen’s appearance. It seemed that even Gu San was slightly better looking than him.

She did no more than glance at him as she slipped the phone back into her pocket. “I didn’t take my luggage,” she said, her eyes open and honest.

She didn’t need to go claim her baggage, so she came straight out.

Thus, it didn’t take long.

Only then did Xu Jishen notice that the girl’s hands were empty. She was only carrying a shoulder bag, looking very cool.

He was silent.

At this moment, Jiang Yao, who was walking behind him, saw the girl and greeted her with an awkward expression, “Nian Nian.”

At first, Qiao Nian didn’t notice him. Only when he called out to her did she raise her eyebrows and remember whose face this was.

Oh, the Jiang Family.

Jiang Xianrou’s brother.

Jiang Yao’s voice was soft and muffled, so she ignored him. As she walked, she said to Xu Jishen, “Don’t stand here. Let’s go back first.”

Xu Jishen didn’t notice Jiang Yao’s awkwardness. All he cared about was his grandfather. Thus, he hurriedly followed the girl, ignoring Jiang Yao, who had followed him here.

Jiang Yao saw that the two of them had completely ignored him and felt awkward. His face burned.

He hesitated a moment, then followed.

It took three hours to get from Beijing to Rao City.

It was almost ten in the evening when Qiao Nian arrived at Rao City Hospital.

Then, she immediately entered Su Huaiyuan’s ward and evaluated his various physical indicators with the attending doctor.

After confirming that Su Huaiyuan could use the medicine, Qiao Nian handed the medicine to the doctor.

It took another full hour to put the CD-3 to use.

The CD-3 that Qiao Nian had brought back was, after all, the latest targeted drug developed by the Pharmaceutical Association’s laboratory. After a shot of the drug, Su Huaiyuan’s terrible condition began to stabilize…

Half an hour later.

Qiao Nian and the attending doctor walked out of the ward.

“Doctor, how’s my dad?”

The Su family had long received the news that Qiao Nian had brought the medicine back. They all rushed to the hospital.

Su Hui had been staying at the hospital to take care of Su Huaiyuan for the past few days. She was the first to discover that Qiao Nian and the others had come out. She was also the first to hurriedly grab the attending doctor’s arm and ask about her father’s condition.

“Is my dad okay?”

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