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1504 Unusual Relationship With the Pharmacy Association

The rest of the Su family surrounded him. Xu Jishen had also waited outside for nearly two hours. His heart was in his mouth as he waited for the final result.

“Doctor, my grandfather…”

The CD-3 targeted medicine that Qiao Nian had brought back was Su Huaiyuan’s only hope. If this hope was destroyed, they could only prepare for the worst.

Even Jiang Yao came over with everyone else and waited nervously for the doctor to answer.

The director of the oncology department of the city hospital took off his mask and folded it before putting it into the pocket of his white coat. He smiled at everyone and said, “Old Master Su is fine!

“CD-3 is indeed a targeted drug developed by the Pharmacy Association’s laboratory. Its effect is obvious. With one injection, Old Master Su’s condition immediately improved. As long as he continues to take the drug, I believe Old Master Su’s condition will become more and more stable…”

His words undoubtedly injected a shot of adrenaline into the Su family.

Tears welled up in Su Hui’s eyes. She covered her mouth with her hand and almost choked. “It’s good that he’s fine. It’s good that he’s fine.”

Su Huaiyuan was the pillar of the family.

He being fine was undoubtedly great news for the rest of the family!

Third Aunt grinned more widely than anyone else.

Turning to Qiao Nian, he said very kindly, “I knew that the doctor Jishen mentioned could do it! Indeed, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Although she’s young, it doesn’t affect her ability.”

The other relatives echoed her.

Xu Jishen pursed his lips and pretended not to remember that she was the one who had been suspicious of Qiao Nian when she first saw her. One moment, she said that Qiao Nian was young, and the next, she was afraid that Qiao Nian couldn’t treat his grandfather.

Now that Qiao Nian had brought the medicine and her grandfather’s various indicators had stabilized, they knew better than anyone else how to pretend to be innocent.

Ignoring his relatives, he turned his head and said to the girl worriedly, “Miss Qiao, that medicine…”

He was worried that Qiao Nian had not brought back enough medicine.

After all, the doctor had said that he would need to continue to use the medicine.

Qiao Nian seemed to know what he was going to say. She raised her black eyelashes slightly and said in a rather casual tone, “I brought back five doses. It’s only enough for five days.”

A second ago, the Su family was still happy that Su Huaiyuan’s condition had stabilized. A second later, they couldn’t smile anymore when they heard that she had only brought back five days’ worth of medicine.

“Then, what should we do?” Su Hui’s heart skipped a beat and her face turned pale again.

Xu Jishen also opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

He was happy for nothing?

Qiao Nian had been running around the entire day and was quite tired. She narrowed her eyes, unable to suppress the frustration in them.

She put one hand in her pocket and said unhurriedly, “I asked the people from the Pharmacy Association. They said that the medicine will lose its effect if it leaves the cold storage room for too long. It’s useless even if I bring it all back. I’ve spoken to them. They’ll send the medicine over every three days. Someone will contact you, then.”

Xu Jishen and Su Hui were naturally overjoyed. They were extremely grateful to Qiao Nian.

Jiang Yao stood at the side. Qiao Nian’s tone was confident when she mentioned the Pharmacy Association. Then, he thought about Jiang Xianrou, who had also gone there. He felt complicated and frustrated for a moment.

His mobile rang at this moment.

He was barely acknowledged in the hospital corridor.

Not to mention noticing his phone ring.

Jiang Yao walked away with a straight face to the corner of the stairs and took out his phone. He lowered his eyes to look—

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