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1462 It’s Useless to Find Lu Zhi, I Can Only Beg Qiao Nian

Jiang Yao didn’t say it directly. He only said, “Young Master Xu, help me tell Andre to contact me. I’m looking for him on the intranet of Tian Chen, but he ignored me. You’re close to Andre, so he’ll definitely help you.”

“Jiang Yao, you haven’t figured it out. It’s not a matter of whether I’m willing to help or not!” Xu Jishen interrupted him. “You still haven’t figured out where you went wrong!”

Jiang Yao frowned fiercely.

Xu Jishen didn’t give him any face and said bluntly, “I told you before that your cousin isn’t simple. Look at the people around her. Young Master Ye, Young Master Qin, Jian Jin… and now CEO Lu. You might not even know these people! She’s just a high school student from Rao City, but she knows these people. Look at the way these people treat her. Do you really think that she only hangs around them because she’s good-looking?”

Jiang Yao couldn’t help but think of the back view he and his father had seen at the hotel.

Lu Zhi’s bodyguards were also there.

What did the bodyguard say?

“That person is one of Tian Chen’s founders.”

That back view was extremely similar to Qiao Nian’s!

“You think you’ve offended CEO Lu, but that’s not the case. The person you’ve offended has always been your cousin!”

Xu Jishen was still talking to him.

“So, Jiang Yao, it’s useless for you to look for CEO Lu. I’ll help you get through to Andre, but the outcome will still be the same. As a friend, let me tell you the truth. If you don’t want to leave Tian Chen, you’d better find your cousin and talk to her.

“She’s not a cold-hearted person. I think she’s very good to your grandfather and uncle. If you hadn’t kept provoking her, she probably would have left you alone.”

Jiang Yao himself knew that he had gone overboard yesterday.

However, Xu Jishen was asking him to lower his head to Qiao Nian. He couldn’t bring himself to do so.

“You said that she wasn’t the one who broke your sister’s things. Since you two know she didn’t break anything, have you apologized to her afterward?”

Xu Jishen roughly understood why he didn’t look for Qiao Nian. He said persuasively, “Think about it carefully. If I were you, I would apologize to her openly and not be so biased in the future. Both of them are your sisters, why do you have to be so prejudiced against Qiao Nian?”

Jiang Yao pursed his lips and didn’t say anything for a long time.

Before he had met Qiao Nian, he had already had a bad impression of her. Naturally, he didn’t like her in person.

However, he was indeed in the wrong yesterday. Xu Jishen was right. After they found out the truth, no one apologized to Qiao Nian. This wasn’t good.

“I understand.”

Jiang Yao was still considering it, mainly because he couldn’t find her even if he wanted to apologize.

Qiao Nian didn’t answer his call at all. It was harder than ascending to heaven for him to find her.

Xu Jishen sighed heavily. “You, you’re just blinded by her appearance. I think you don’t understand her as well as Jiang Li does.”

Jiang Xianrou looked talented and dignified, but in fact, she couldn’t tolerate anyone. She was also petty and would not achieve much in the future.

On the other hand, Qiao Nian, whom the Jiang family had found, kept a low profile and hid her background.

Jiang Yao was blinded and couldn’t see clearly. Otherwise, why would he keep fighting with Qiao Nian over Jiang Xianrou, pushing Qiao Nian away step by step…

It was probably not that easy to get some people back after pushing them far away!

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