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1461 If She Wanted to Compete, She Would Have to See Who Was Competing

When Wen Ruxia’s assistant mentioned this, her tone was a little heavy. It was obvious that she looked down on the other party’s publicity stunt.

“Apparently, she had a nice chat with Director Lucas at the airport. A lot of people saw it.”

Wen Ruxia’s mind tightened. Her temples throbbed. She pressed her fingers to them. Her brain was still cold with anger.

She’d always known that actresses in the entertainment industry pulled a lot of strings.

However, she didn’t expect that someone would dare to play this trick on her. Did Bai Lin not know that she already had a female lead in mind?

She actually thought of using online public opinion to pressure her.

Neighborhood CP, ha!

The other party thought that the entertainment industry was omnipotent after getting a dividend from the CP!

“Just now, Bai Lin’s manager came to look for you. I stopped her outside. She asked me to pass on her apology and even said that it was an accident. Bai Lin and Director Lucas met at an award ceremony previously. Coincidentally, Bai Lin was going to pick someone up at the airport today and bumped into him. She went over to greet him out of courtesy. She didn’t expect to be photographed by someone and posted online…”

“I understand.”

Wen Ruxia didn’t want to hear any more. Her spirits plummeted.

Just as her brows were shrouded in malicious anger and she was about to flare up, her QQ rang twice.

Wen Ruxia’s attention was immediately drawn to it.

As expected, Qiao Nian replied.

Wen Ruxia’s furrowed brows relaxed again when she saw the message on QQ. She quickly arranged a time with Qiao Nian and looked up. Her sharp eyes narrowed slightly as she said to her assistant unhurriedly, “Leave them alone for now. Don’t bother with them.”

The other party was creating hype and had her agent come knocking on her door to apologize.

She just wanted to have this resource.

She wanted to restrain her with such a despicable method? Why didn’t she look in the mirror to see if she was worthy?!

The assistant didn’t quite understand her and looked over. “Aren’t we going to do anything about it, Manager Wen?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Wen Ruxia waved her hand, capable and domineering. “Some people think that by taking a few photos and attracting a few children who haven’t grown up to be fans, they think they’re shining.

“She’ll know what it means to be ‘self-conscious and defeated’ when she sees someone who really shines!”

Qiao Nian had agreed to shoot the MV. She could imagine the results after the MV was released.

Bai Lin?

A popular actress?

Heh, if she wanted to compete, she had to see who she was competing with.

The next day.

The Jiang family.

Jiang Yao did not sleep the entire night. He called Xu Jishen at dawn.

Yesterday, Xu Jishen seemed to have something on and did not pick up his call all day.

Today, however, the call went through.

Jiang Yao had something on his mind. As soon as the call went through, he immediately said, “Hello, Young Master Xu. Are you free? I need your help with something.”

Yesterday, Su Huaiyuan’s cold turned into a fever and he had an IV drip in the hospital.

After Su Huaiyuan lost the entire night, Xu Jishen stayed in the hospital.

He had not slept all night and received a call from Jiang Yao early in the morning. He was exhausted, and his voice was hoarse and tired. “Tell me.”

Jiang Yao briefly told him what had happened yesterday. Then, he asked him, “Young Master Xu, can you help me tell Andre to contact me?”

Xu Jishen was stunned after hearing what he had done in the Imperial Mansion yesterday.

After his surprise, he was silent for a moment before answering, “Why are you looking for Andre? Don’t tell me you still want to see CEO Lu?”

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