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1408 The Attitude of the Entire Circle

Madam Fu watched as the elevator numbers continued to climb. She pressed between her eyebrows and opened her mouth. “Cai…”

She’d only called out one word and hadn’t had time to say the rest.

Cai Gang had already restrained his amiable attitude now that Qiao Nian wasn’t around. He glanced at Madam Fu and the others with his bright eyes. His smile paused for a moment before he interrupted her and said in a low voice, “Madam Fu, I still have something on. I won’t talk to you anymore.”

There was some silence.

He had clearly said that he was free earlier!

But his attitude turned businesslike the next instant. It was obvious what he meant.

Madam Fu’s face burned with pain and her vision darkened. She could barely maintain her elegant expression and could only squeeze out a dry sentence. “Ah, it’s fine if Officer Cai has something to do. Go ahead. Your matters are more important.”

The Fu family had some reputation in Rao City, and Cai Gang did not want to fall out with them. However, he knew how to read the situation and knew how to treat this group of people.

He nodded at Madam Fu and said in a dignified voice, “Alright, I’ll leave first. Have fun.”

After saying that, he walked past the Fu family and brushed past Madam Fu and Fu Ge.

He always treated Madam Fu with that kind of indifference, let alone the others.

Cai Gang barely looked at Qiao Chen, Shen Qiongzhi, and the others. He didn’t even look at Fu Ge, the Fu family’s heir.

Madam Fu had been in Rao City for so long and was also a smart person. She knew that Cai Gang’s attitude represented the attitude of the people at the top of the pyramid—to ostracize the Fu family!

Her heart was bleeding. She turned around and glared at Fu Ge with hatred, then scolded him in a low voice. “Look at his attitude. If you had a pair of good eyes back then, our family wouldn’t have fallen to this state!”

“Mom.” Fu Ge looked embarrassed and awkward.

How could Madam Fu not regret it? Seeing him like this, she recalled that she didn’t have good eyes back then. Otherwise, why would she think that Qiao Chen could compare to Qiao Nian?

She turned her head again and glanced cynically at Shen Qiongzhi, who was still putting on airs and pretending to be uncomfortable. She didn’t hide her contempt.

“However, no matter how blind we are, it’s better than some people. We picked up a sesame seed and lost a watermelon. We could have relied on Qiao Nian to rise up the ranks, but she insisted on courting death. Now, she doesn’t even look at us. I wonder who they’re putting on an act for. It’s as if they’re rushing to call her mother! Why don’t you take a look at yourself? You’re already worlds apart from her!”

Shen Qiongzhi had never suffered such insults before. Moreover, Madam Fu mocked her in front of all the Fu family relatives. Her face turned pale and red. She wished she could leave immediately.

As for Qiao Chen, she didn’t even have the strength to leave.

Shen Qiongzhi could only stand there in humiliation.

Qiao Chen was beside her. Her mind went blank when Madam Fu called out her name. She paled and her lips trembled.

Probably because the stares were too ironic.

Qiao Chen didn’t know if she was really unconscious or not. She fainted the moment Madam Fu finished speaking.

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