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Chapter 137: Something Wrong With His Leg

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The cars had arrived.

Jiang Zongjin asked them to get in the car.

Shen Qingqing and the rest of the girls got in the car begrudgingly as they didn’t want to leave the cute kid.

Ye Wangchuan looked at Qiao Nian and said after everyone got in the car, “They have left already. You can get in my car.”

He had a raspy voice, and it felt as though he was trying to seduce her.

Gu San turned to look at them quite a few times.

Qiao Nian froze. She didn’t know if she should accept the invitation.

Then, Ye Wangchuan continued, “Chen Chen will be there as well.”

“Us three can share the ride.”

Gu San knew what he was trying to say and said, “That’s right, Miss Qiao. Get in our car, I’ll be driving.”

Ye Qichen agreed as well. He grabbed her hand and said excitedly, “I want to be in the same car as Sister.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

How could she reject the three of them?

The place that Jiang Zongjin had in mind wasn’t far from school. But it wasn’t the restaurant outside of school. It was at the Waterside Loft.

Everyone in Rao City knew it.

It had a really nice name, with a “nice” price as well.

He booked a booth for them.

When the cars reached the Waterside Loft, everyone except Liang Bowen was shocked.

Qiao Nian’s car drove off the latest. Hence, they were the last to arrive.

The waiters from the Waterside Loft came out to welcome them wearing their traditional costumes.

“Everyone, follow me.”

It wasn’t the first time Qiao Nian was here.

She held Ye Qichen’s hand and walked with Ye Wangchuan at the rear of the group. His broad shoulders would make any girl secure. When you looked at the three of them, it felt that they were a family.

The guy was handsome and the girl was beautiful.

There was even a pretty kid with them as well.

It attracted everyone’s attention.

However, they realized the only flaw in that “family”—the kid seemed to have some issues with his left leg and he was limping.

They were disappointed.

Some students from Class A noticed that about him as well.

They had weird looks on their faces.

Gu San was the last person to enter, so he saw everything.

He clenched his fists in anxiety. He pitied Little Young Master and was worried that he would be triggered.

Little Young Master had some defects when he was born. They only discovered it when he started to walk.

Hence, he had an inferiority complex.

This led to his bad temper.

He didn’t like to go out and didn’t like to interact with strangers. He hated it when people stared at his leg.

Master Wang brought Little Young Master to Rao City to find the miracle doctor to heal his leg.


Little Young Master’s leg hadn’t healed and Master Wang had brought him out in public. Was this decision too rash?”

Ye Wangchuan noticed the attention he was getting as well. He stopped smiling and straightened his posture. It was as though he was trying to protect Qiao Nian and Ye Qichen.

“Qiao Nian.”

He noticed that the kid was starting to get angry and called out to Qiao Nian.

“Yes?” Qiao Nian stopped. She didn’t turn to Ye Wangchuan but turned to the kid instead. She squatted down and asked gently, “Chen Chen, are you tired? Shall I carry you?”

Ye Qichen was tearing up already, and his hands were soaked in sweat.

Looking up, it was as though his inferiority was fixed by her gentleness. He felt that he was saved by her and was no longer afraid.


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