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Chapter 136: My Brother

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He remembered that Qiao Nian didn’t like milk tea.

However, she took the milk tea. It was beyond his expectations.

“I will drink it.”

Qiao Nian looked down and took out the straw. She then started to drink the milk tea.

Damn, it had a gooey texture.

She frowned immediately, but she had to pretend that she liked it. She took another sip before looking at them.

“It’s nice.”

“Really? Sister.” Elated, Ye Qichen clapped.

Qiao Nian took another sip and gave him the confirmation he wanted. “Yup. It’s really good. The orange-flavored one is the best.”

She wasn’t lying. She would have vomited if it was another flavor.

Ye Qichen said, “That’s because I told the lady that I wanted an orange-flavored one. She added more sugar for you.”

Qiao Nian took another sip. It was too gooey, and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She patted him on the head and asked casually, “Did you thank her?”

“I did.”

Gu San looked at them and scoffed to himself. Little Young Master is such a liar.

You’re only an angel in front of Miss Qiao. Are you like this to anyone else?

However, Qiao Nian couldn’t tell what he was thinking. She patted him on the head again and praised him. “You’re a darling.”

Shen Qingqing and the other classmates saw a cute kid and came over. They surrounded the three of them and asked, “Sister Nian, who’s this?”

“He’s adorable.”

“Yup, he’s adorable. He’s an angel.”

Jiang Tingting was a brave soul. Not only did she praise him, but she even tried to touch him.

Gu San was worried about her.

However, Ye Qichen was well-behaved. Even though they pinched his face, he didn’t get angry. It was as though he was a kitten. He then explained to them, “I’m Sister’s brother. Not just a friend’s nephew.”

Shen Qingqing touched him as well. She was jealous and asked Qiao Nian, “Sister Nian, is he your brother? He’s adorable.”

Even though Professor Jiang looked young, he still had a son.

She wanted a brother as well.

She looked up and saw another guy.

Wasn’t that the guy from the lecture hall?

He even turned to look in their direction. She even asked Sister Nian if he was indeed looking at them.

Did Sister Nian know him?

He was indeed looking in their direction back then!

Qiao Nian watched as the kid explained to everyone. He even told them, “My sister is cute.”

She smiled and said proudly, “Yup, he’s my brother, and he’s here to pick me up from school. He will be joining us for lunch.”

“Wow, do you want to sit with me?”

“Jiang Tingting, don’t snatch him from me. Nian Nian’s brother must sit with me.”

“No, he’s sitting with me.”

The girls started to argue.

Qiao Nian patted him again and said, “He’s shy. Let’s wait till he’s familiar with you guys. He’ll sit with me today.”

Ye Qichen was worried just now. He didn’t want to sit with anyone else. But he didn’t want to embarrass Qiao Nian in front of her classmates. Hence, he was caught in a dilemma.

But when he heard Sister say that he would sit with her, he was relieved. He liked her even more now.

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