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Chapter 1358: Someone Is Targeting You

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“Out to get me?” Qiao Nian seemed a little nonchalant. She leaned back against the couch, her dark eyes sparkling. She restrained her strong aura and smiled, and the corners of her lips curled up devilishly. “How?”

Jian Jin was speechless. Well, how did they want to get her?

Qiao Nian was still in the mood to joke. She narrowed her eyes. “Are they planning to break my arms or legs?”

Jian Jin winced at the aura of the big boss that could not be suppressed. She suddenly sympathized with the people who were eyeing her. She also felt that those people were truly not right in the head. “That I don’t know,” she whispered. “All I’ve received is word in the streets that someone is targeting you.

“…But they’re not targeting ‘you’. They’re targeting a student in Beijing called Qiao Nian.”

Qiao Nian was Sun, a diamond big shot in the illegal district… Not many people knew about this!

It was mainly because this matter was so incredible that no one would believe it.

Who would dare to believe that an ordinary freshman in Beijing was actually a mysterious diamond big shot in the illegal district? How many would believe it even if they heard it firsthand?

Just like the Qiao Family back then.

She did not believe that the Jiang family had no idea that Qiao Nian was different from what they thought.

Actually, be it Qiao Weimin or the few people from the Jiang family who were courting death now, she believed that they had more or less realized that something was amiss. It was just that they were unwilling to investigate further and felt that they were too impressive for that.

They thought that they had already reached the ceiling, but little did they know there were many more powerful people out there who were reaching for the skies!

Their vision was limited to their own territory, so how could they see a wider world?

“I hear there’s been another death wish?” Jian Jin asked, bringing up the theft of the USB drive.

Qiao Nian’s reaction was calm. She lowered her hand. “Not really.”

Jian Jin saw her lack of interest and knew better than to continue asking. She only said, “Be careful these days. Call me if you need anything.”

“Got it.”

Qiao Nian did not take the so-called “someone was out to get her” to heart. She stretched her arms and glanced at the time on the wall. There was less than half an hour until noon. She did not delay any longer. She got up and picked up the things Jian Jin gave her, put them into her shoulder bag, and slung it over her shoulder. She then looked up and said to Jian Jin, “I’ll transfer the money to your account. I have something else on, I’ll leave first.”

Jian Jin got up to see her off. “Money’s not important. The two of us don’t have to fuss about these things. It’s just a trinket. I’ll just give it to you if you like it.”

However, before Qiao Nian left, she tugged at the brim of her cap. Her eyes were gentle, but her words were casual. “Don’t. A favor is a favor, and money is money. I don’t like owing money, much less owing favors. I’ll get Guan Yan to transfer the money to your account later. Remember to check.”

Jian Jin couldn’t argue with her. She opened the door for her and said helplessly, “Okay, we’ll do it your way.”

Seeing that Qiao Nian was about to leave, she stopped her one last time. She did not forget to remind her, “By the way, Qiao, be careful these days. It’s better to be careful.”

Qiao Nian took out her earphones and hummed in acknowledgment. She waved at Jian Jin, leaving behind a cool back view. “I’m off.”

Jian Jin watched her leave. Only when the girl disappeared into the elevator did she realize that she had forgotten to hand over the diamond bracelet that Lu Zhi had asked her to give to Qiao Nian.

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