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Chapter 1317: Who Asked Her to Offend Someone She Shouldn’t Have?

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“Don’t be in a hurry to reject me.”

Zhu Yuanhao did not waste his breath on her. He took off the car key and threw it to her. His chubby face revealed a wretched and mocking smile. “Heh, this is for you.”

Yin Wenzhi happened to catch the car key, and her heart beat faster. She looked at him with her almond-shaped eyes. “Young Master Zhu, what do you mean?”

“Nothing.” Zhu Yuanhao leaned against the driver’s seat and said with a smile, “My car is worth eight million yuan. Sell it secondhand and you’ll still earn four to five million yuan. Five million yuan is enough for you to buy a small apartment in Beijing. Help me steal and destroy it. This car will belong to you. I mean what I say.”

She could buy a house in Beijing as long as she sold the car?

Yin Wenzhi’s heart beat faster. Under the violent heartbeat, the firm faith in her heart became fragile and swayed.

Zhu Yuanhao was used to seeing women like her. They put on a noble attitude, but deep down, they only wanted to take shortcuts.

She wouldn’t have been caught by him so quickly if she was really as noble and arrogant as she looked.

Therefore, he was not in a hurry. He waited for her to consider it slowly and then continued with a smile, “Think about it carefully. This is a very good deal. Many people work hard their entire lives but can’t afford to buy a house in Beijing. You can have your own house before graduating from university. How about it? It’s a very good deal, right? This car will be yours as long as you help me steal what Qiao Nian needs to participate in the competition. You can buy a house in Beijing.”

Yin Wenzhi’s gaze wavered, but she was not completely overwhelmed. She still knew to ask, “Why are you messing with Qiao Nian? You don’t even know her.”

“Who asked her to provoke Miss Jiang?” Zhu Yuanhao said disdainfully.

He had never taken the women he dated seriously. Most of them were just for fun.

However, someone had always been like a flower in his heart. She was his goddess.

Zhu Yuanhao retracted his thoughts and looked at the hesitant woman in front of him. He guided her patiently. “Your relationship with Qiao Nian is average, anyway. You’re not even good friends.”

“Tsk, I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you.

“After all, it’s not every day that you can earn a house. There won’t be another chance like this if you refuse. You have to think carefully.”

Yin Wenzhi gradually tightened her grip on the car key. Her eyes flickered, and her fair and beautiful face became distorted.

Was there a need for her to give up such a good opportunity for Qiao Nian?

In Du Mingwei’s office in the computing faculty.

Several computer teachers gathered around, each nervously waiting for the girl to use the computer on their desks.

The girl’s sitting posture was casual. She sat there uninhibitedly, her eyes focused on the computer screen. Her eyes did not move as she gently typed on the keyboard.

Tap, tap, tap.

The only sound in the huge office was Qiao Nian’s typing.

Not a single teacher disturbed her, including Du Mingwei.

Finally, the girl’s hands left the keyboard and she looked up, revealing an eye-catching face under her baseball cap. Her eyes were relaxed. “It’s done.”

“You’re done so quickly?” Du Mingwei immediately placed the health tea he was holding on the table and walked quickly towards her.

“Yes.” Qiao Nian took the USB flash drive from the computer and handed it to him, saying casually, “I studied it at home and made a prototype.”

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