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Chapter 1316: Still Want to Take Revenge on Sister Nian

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Jiang Xianrou did not pass the assessment or enter the Ninth Branch.

Zhu Yuanhao’s celebration party could only end hurriedly.

After the party.

Zhu Yuanhao did not go home but drove to Qing University. He parked the Bentley that was worth tens of millions at the school gate and took out his phone to call Yin Wenzhi.

As soon as the call went through, he asked in a rather unfriendly tone, “Where are you? I’m at the school gate. Come out quickly. I’ll wait for you.”

With that, he hung up without caring if it was convenient for Yin Wenzhi to come out.

10 minutes later.

A tall and elegant girl rushed out of the school. Seeing his car, she immediately walked towards it, afraid that she would anger him if she was too late.

“Young Master Zhu.”

Yin Wenzhi stood beside his car, panting. She raised her fair face and called out softly.

Her attitude was extremely fawning, but Zhu Yuanhao was no longer as gentle and considerate as before. He only looked at her coldly and did not even open the door. He rolled down the window and nodded at her with a straight face. “Didn’t I tell you that I was looking for you? Why are you so slow?”

Yin Wenzhi’s heart turned cold, but she was even more worried that he would misunderstand. She hurriedly explained in a low voice, “I was in class just now. It was our professional teacher’s class. He was strict, so I lied and slipped out with the excuse of having a stomachache.”

Shen Yugui was very strict in his professional class. He did not like when his students were distracted and were not listening carefully.

She was also a key student in this year’s Chinese Medicine Faculty, other than Qiao Nian. Shen Yugui thought highly of her. Even Elder Huang would sometimes let her listen to his lectures.

Yin Wenzhi didn’t want to skip class.

However, Zhu Yuanhao seemed to be in a bad mood when he called her. She was afraid that the boyfriend she had finally gotten close to would be angry. She hesitated for a moment and told Song Tian that her stomach hurt before sneaking out.

Actually, she was still very uneasy.

After all, she had never lied and skipped class before. Ever since she followed Zhu Yuanhao, she had often been late and left early.

A few days ago, Shen Yugui had called her to the office to ask if she had a boyfriend.

She had denied it quite awkwardly.

If someone found out that she had a boyfriend and had lied to skip class to see him, Yin Wenzhi could not imagine that scene…

Yin Wenzhi felt uneasy for a moment. Seeing Zhu Yuanhao’s luxury car, her uneasiness was covered by her strong vanity. She was not so uneasy anymore and was unafraid that her classmates would see Zhu Yuanhao.

She said shyly, “Why are you looking for me? It’s so urgent.”

“How’s your relationship with Qiao Nian?” Zhu Yuanhao asked directly.

Hearing him mention Qiao Nian’s name, the coquettish expression on Yin Wenzhi’s face faded. Her almond-shaped eyes were quite cold. “Why did you mention her?”

“She’s participating in a competition. I heard that she entered the finals. If she wants to participate in the finals, she definitely has to make preparations in advance. Since you’re in the same department as her, steal what she needs for the finals,” Zhu Yuanhao said lightly, as if he had just made a small request.

Yin Wenzhi was shocked. “You want me to steal something? Impossible.”

She refused without thinking.

Qing University valued this software competition very much. Qiao Nian was also representing the country. She would be finished if she stole something and was discovered.

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