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Chapter 1302: Not Someone From the Red Alliance

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When Deputy Captain Luo was suddenly called out, the cigarette in his mouth did not taste good. He held the cigarette and his face turned red for a moment. He probably felt a little humiliated to have been educated by a young man.

“Luo Ming, extinguish the cigarette,” Bo Zheng reprimanded softly before he could speak.

Deputy Captain Luo’s expression changed. He took a deep breath and stubbed out his cigarette angrily, then threw the butt into the trash can. His face was ashen and he was angry. He did not want to say another word.

He did not understand why Captain Bo was so polite to this kid!

And why did this kid bring his girlfriend here? They were looking for experts and vicious criminals.

He had brought a girlfriend, but Captain Bo was not angry. He even gave the other party face.

Seeing that his expression had changed a few times, Bo Zheng suppressed his temper and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Ye Wangchuan was not someone to be trifled with.

He had only been able to find Ye Wangchuan for help this time because of his nephew. However, if Luo Ming recklessly provoked this young man who held the Ninth Branch in his hands, he would probably die an ugly death.

It was as easy as crushing an ant for Ye Wangchuan to crush a person like Luo Ming in this country!

Fortunately, Luo Ming was not overwhelmed by anxiety and anger. He did not speak nonsense on impulse. Bo Zheng sighed and said in a low voice, “Deputy Captain Luo is not a bad person. He’s just too irritable. He gets anxious easily when he encounters things. Don’t fuss about it with him. He didn’t notice that you brought a student here and forgot to put out his cigarette.”


Ye Wangchuan still had to give Bo Jingxing face. Furthermore, Bo Zheng was his elder. Since Bo Zheng had already spoken up for Luo Ming, he did not take it to heart. He said concisely, “Third Uncle Bo, did you bring the information?”

Bo Zheng looked at the girl sitting beside him and lowered his voice. “We have his phone IP. We’ve been tracking his phone’s location previously. The signal on the computer suddenly disappeared yesterday. Someone must have helped him hide his IP address. The technicians in the team wanted to continue to determine the exact location of Eagle Eye through deciphering technology, but he should have looked for someone from the illegal district.

“The other party’s methods are brilliant. The technicians in the team can’t do anything to him. I asked Jingxing to ask you if you can help me find an expert.”

“Eagle Eye found someone from the illegal district…” Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes, his gaze quite dangerous.

“Yes.” Bo Zheng glanced at Qiao Nian again. He wasn’t afraid that she would hear him. He felt that Qiao Nian didn’t understand. “I wonder if the other party is from the Red Alliance.”

Ye Wangchuan raised his eyebrows and denied his guess. “It’s not someone from the Red Alliance.”

“Uh.” Bo Zheng did not expect him to deny it so confidently. He was stunned for a moment and subconsciously asked, “How do you know that he’s not from the Red Alliance?”

Ye Wangchuan realized that he had denied it too quickly. He pressed the space between his eyebrows and did not answer Bo Zheng. Instead, he turned to Qiao Nian and asked, “Nian Nian, can you check it?”

Qiao Nian pulled down the brim of her can and sat there in an arrogant posture. “It’s hard to say. I have to take a look first. Give me the location of Eagle Eye’s phone.”

Deputy Captain Luo watched as she took a black laptop out of her black shoulder bag. The laptop’s casing was unremarkable and looked a little old. It was not as new as the notebook their team’s security guard used.

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