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Chapter 1301: Master Wang: Why Don’t You Go Out If You Want to Smoke?

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He didn’t expect Ye Wangchuan to bring a girl he had never heard of.

It was not that there were no famous women in the IT industry in the country.

Previously, there was Zhou Wei from the Ninth Branch.

Later on, he heard that Zhou Wei had gone to jail. He did not pay attention to these things and had not heard the exact reason. In short, he had only heard of Zhou Wei’s name among the women in the country who were talented in this aspect.

Bo Zheng bit his cigarette and took a long drag. The butt was more than half-burnt. He took the ashtray with one hand and flicked the ash with his finger. “Let’s take a look first,” he said unhurriedly.

Deputy Captain Luo was speechless. On the one hand, he respected his decision, but on the other hand, he was anxious that Eagle Eye had fled the country while they were delayed.

He sat down in frustration and took out a cigarette from the cigarette box that Bo Zheng had placed on the table. He lit it and leaned back in his chair, not wanting to say a word.

Qiao Nian saw two people sitting in the private room when she entered.

The older man looked a little similar to Bo Jingxing. He should be a relative or something.

Ye Wangchuan called him Third Uncle Bo.

The man was probably in his 40s. He had short hair and a strong and mature appearance. His eyes were sharp and contained a bright light.

From the way he greeted Ye Wangchuan, it was obvious that his personality was not strong. At least, he was friendly and gentle to the juniors he knew.

Qiao Nian pulled down the brim of her cap and narrowed her eyes as she noticed the person beside him. It was an ordinary-looking man in his early 30s. He had not shaved his chin for at least three days, so it had gotten a little thick.

He stood up with Bo Zheng, but he did not say a word the entire time. There was a cigarette in his mouth.

His attitude was bad, and his face was ashen.

He looked at her appraisingly, as if she had provoked him. From time to time, he would glare at her, his impatience almost written on his face.


If it hadn’t been for Eagle Eye, she probably wouldn’t have come here to watch people roll their eyes at her.

Qiao Nian smiled and did not look at him again. She retracted her gaze and sat down on the chair opposite Ye Wangchuan.

“This is…”

“My girlfriend, Qiao Nian.” After Ye Wangchuan sat down, he immediately placed a glass of lemonade in front of the girl.

Then, he introduced Bo Zheng to her unhurriedly.

“Nian Nian, this is Third Uncle Bo, Bo Jingxing’s uncle. He works in the criminal police team.”

Qiao Nian said politely, “Hello, Uncle Bo.”

Bo Zheng looked at her. She couldn’t hide her bandit aura even if she tried her best to restrain herself. He was a little stunned. “Hello.”

Then, he said to Ye Wangchuan, “About Eagle Eye…”

He couldn’t figure out why Ye Wangchuan had brought his girlfriend here. Didn’t they agree on the phone to find an expert who could check Eagle Eye’s IP address?

Bo Zheng did not think that Ye Wangchuan was the kind of person who would joke about serious matters, but this time…

Bo Zheng glanced at Qiao Nian and silently threw his cigarette into the ashtray. He asked hesitantly, “Didn’t you say that you would find someone to help me?”

As an elder, he had no problem with the girlfriend of his nephew’s friend.

If he had seen Ye Wangchuan’s little girlfriend for the first time in another scene, he would even have brought her to a nearby mall to buy a greeting gift. However, today, even though he was calm, he was a little anxious.

Ye Wangchuan was not in a hurry to explain. He glanced at Deputy Captain Luo and his eyes darkened. He placed his hand on the table and said lazily, “Do you want to smoke outside?”

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