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Chapter 1275: My Daughter Is Not inferior to Anyone!

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Jiang Yao looked at his uncle, who used to favor him, and revealed a helpless expression. He found it difficult to speak. “I’ve asked Jiang Li. Xianrou was in the wrong for the school anniversary. I’ll get her to apologize to Cousin in person.”

Before he could finish, Jiang Zongjin interrupted him calmly. “There’s no need. Nian Nian doesn’t need you to apologize. She doesn’t have to listen if you’re not sincere. This kind of apology is nothing more than a face job. It’ll only waste everyone’s time.”

Jiang Zongjin knew very well that it was impossible for Jiang Xianrou to apologize sincerely to Qiao Nian.

Jiang Yao’s apology was just a formality.

He knew his daughter well. Nian Nian was not the kind of person who needed others to apologize. If Jiang Xianrou was just putting on an act for Jiang Yao to see, why should he force Qiao Nian to listen to their apology?

At this point, Jiang Yao had nothing to say. He could only say, “No matter what, she was in the wrong at the school anniversary. I’ll go back and scold her…”

Jiang Yao changed the topic and suddenly mentioned Qiao Nian. “But Uncle, we did see Qiao Nian at the clubhouse. Her classmate said that she got into a Lamborghini with a foreign license plate. I went to the parking lot to take a look. There was indeed a red sports car parked in the parking lot. I don’t know who Qiao Nian went to the clubhouse to play with.”

Jiang Yao thought that he was doing this for the sake of his younger cousin, whom he had never met before. When it came to Qiao Nian, it was much more natural than him mentioning Jiang Xianrou. “I think she should prioritize her studies at her age. Since Qiao Nian can enter the finals of the World Software Competition, it means that she has a certain talent in computing. She’s so talented and so young. She will definitely have a career in the future as long as she’s nurtured well.”

Jiang Yao rubbed his eyebrows and paused before reluctantly continuing, “I hope she doesn’t take the wrong path.

“The conditions in Rao City are not as prosperous as in Beijing. She has always lived in Rao City in the past and has never come to Beijing. She’ll inevitably be mesmerized when she comes to a new place. I really don’t want her to take the wrong path and ruin her life.”

Jiang Zongjin listened to his “advice” on how to control his daughter word by word, hinting that Qiao Nian had lived in Rao City previously and had not seen the world. Therefore, she had been blinded by the city’s prosperity and was walking on a crooked path. His heart suddenly sank. His gaze was much colder as he looked at Jiang Yao now.

Jiang Zongjin did not answer him directly. Instead, he asked, “Have you seen Nian Nian and understood her?”

Jiang Yao was a little embarrassed by the question. He realized that Jiang Zongjin seemed to be angry at his words. He was a little helpless and embarrassed. “No. I booked a private room in the Imperial Mansion to treat you to a meal. Qiao Nian didn’t have time to come.”

“It’s not that she doesn’t have time to come. She just doesn’t want to eat with you!” Jiang Zongjin was quite impolite. His refined square face was tense and extremely stern. His words were also straightforward. “You haven’t even seen her before, nor do you know her. Just based on the fact that there’s a similar red sports car parked outside the clubhouse, you said that she went astray. Ha, what you saw today was Xianrou eating outside with her friends. Do you still think that she went astray?

“You’re so sure because that person is Nian Nian! Do you think she used to live in Rao City and has never seen the world? That’s why she’s easily tempted to go astray?”

Jiang Zongjin asked him two questions in a row, but his face was stiff. He did not want him to answer. He only said indifferently, “Let me tell you, Nian Nian is better than you think. She’s not inferior to anyone!”

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