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Chapter 1273: Receiving Father Jiang’s Call

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Jiang Zongnan was neither good nor bad to her. At least, when they acknowledged each other in Rao City, Jiang Zongnan had given her a gold card from Citibank.

There wasn’t much money.

At least he had the heart of an elder.

Although Qiao Nian had returned the money to him later on, she remembered his kindness.

Seeing that Qiao Nian didn’t answer her immediately, Jian Jin smiled again and continued, “It’s just a batch of raw materials, anyway. We can give it to the Jiang Corporation.”

Qiao Nian had a complete diamond extraction line under her. JC Corporation would never lack raw materials. Diamonds would only be mined continuously.

As she had said, this was just a batch of raw materials for them.

With JC Corporation’s status in the jewelry industry, they could work with whomever they wanted. No one dared point fingers at their partners.

On the other hand, if the Jiang family could obtain this batch of raw materials, their status in the industry would definitely rise and take a new step!

This was the reason why the Jiang family still tried their best to win the cooperation with JC Corporation even though they knew that there was not much hope.

JC was one of the largest diamond suppliers in the world today. Who didn’t want to get involved with them?

Qiao Nian frowned and didn’t speak. Her eyes were deep as if she was still considering it.

At this moment, her phone resting on the table suddenly rang.

Qiao Nian glanced at the caller ID.

It was her father.

Pursing her lips, she leaned back and answered lazily. “Hello, Dad. What’s up?”

Jian Jin’s eyebrows twitched when she heard her call him father. She tactfully fell silent and sat opposite her, waiting for Qiao Nian to finish her call.

Jiang Zongjin was still as concerned as ever. He asked her in a low voice, “Nian Nian, where are you?”


Qiao Nian looked a little puzzled. She looked at Jian Jin, who was sitting opposite her, and replied patiently, “I’m outside with a friend.”

Jian Jin looked exceptionally valiant in her black tank top. She was drinking a drink when she was suddenly called, and she almost subconsciously called out, “Hello, Uncle.”

But when the words were about to come out of her mouth, she realized that Qiao had not turned on the speaker. Her sudden shout might scare Qiao’s father.

She silently swallowed the words and focused on her juice.

Jiang Zongjin heard the girl say in a normal voice that she was playing with her friend outside.

He hesitated, then asked softly, “Are you at the Half Mountain Clubhouse?”

Qiao Nian’s expression was originally relaxed, but her eyes turned slightly cold when he asked this question. She asked concisely, “Who told you that I was at the Half Mountain Clubhouse?”

Between his niece and daughter, Jiang Zongjin stood on Qiao Nian’s side unconditionally. Without any hesitation, he said, “It’s Jiang Yao and the others. Xianrou asked a group of friends out to play to celebrate passing the initial review of Master Cheng’s laboratory. They said that they saw you at the clubhouse. A classmate of yours is also with them. Your classmate said… that you went with a person driving a red sports car.”

A… person in a red sports car?

Qiao Nian’s eyes were quite cold. Although Jiang Zongjin had tactfully not mentioned the gender, she could imagine what the Jiang siblings had said in front of her father.

—She went with a man in a red sports car!

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