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Chapter 1272: Sister Nian Is the Diamond Big Boss of the Illegal District

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Not far from the shooting range was a lounge in a glass building. The environment was quiet. There were a few tables and chairs by the window and green plants on one side of the tables and chairs.

Jian Jin found one of the tables, pulled out a chair, and sat down. She then asked the waiter to bring two glasses of juice.

When the waiter walked away, she raised her face and said to the girl who immediately walked over and dragged out a chair to sit down, “By the way, Qiao, your uncle came to work with JC Corporation.”

Jian Jin was wearing a black tank top that revealed a smooth, perfect shoulder and neckline.

Her figure was very eye-catching. It was the kind of figure that people would remember at a glance. However, her face was ordinary. Her facial features were not exquisite, and she did not belong to the aesthetics of the country.

Jian Jin leaned back and put her hand on the table. “They want our latest batch of raw materials,” she asked. “Should we give them?”

In recent years, JC Corporation, the fastest-rising diamond raw materials supplier in the world, was on the list.

As the largest supplier of raw stones, the JC Group had the purest diamonds and the richest supply. They were also much cheaper than the other raw materials merchants.

Furthermore, there had always been rumors in the industry that there was a diamond big shot in the illegal district behind JC Corporation.

This diamond big shot from the illegal district was very mysterious. He never appeared, but he had an entire diamond procurement line in Continent F.

He was also one of the top figures in the illegal district.

His strength could not be underestimated!

Therefore, be it domestically or abroad, countless jewelry companies wanted to cooperate with JC Corporation. For every batch of raw materials that came out, big jewelry companies both domestically and abroad waited in line for the JC Corporation to choose.

This time, the Jiang Corporation also submitted a cooperation plan.

In the past, Jian Jin wouldn’t even look at such a company. If she wanted to choose, she would choose the most famous jewelry companies in the world.

But it was different now.

The diamond big shot was a big shot. Qiao was in Beijing, and the Jiang family was related to Qiao by blood, so she asked her assistant to keep the Jiang Corporation’s cooperation plan for the time being.

Jian Jin raised the corners of her eyes and looked at the girl sitting opposite her. She was mainly looking at Qiao Nian. “If you say cooperate, I’ll give them this batch of raw materials. Qiao, what do you want to do?”

The waiter brought the juice at that moment.

Qiao Nian chose a cup of apple juice. Holding the cup in one hand, she stirred the juice in the cup with a straw.

The clear ice in the glass clinked against the ice.

There was little emotion on her delicate, attractive face as she said casually, “It’s up to you. You have shares in JC Corporation, too.”

“I decide?” Jian Jin’s eyes were filled with helplessness. She could only digress. “If you want me to decide, the Jiang Corporation is not qualified to cooperate with us at all. The problem is that President Jiang is your uncle. That’s why I asked for your opinion.”

The Jiang Corporation was indeed not qualified to cooperate with JC Corporation. She guessed that the other party had only tentatively submitted a cooperation plan.

He didn’t have much hope.

Unfortunately, some people were just lucky. They could lie at home and pick up good luck for nothing.

“President Jiang wrote this plan personally this time. He’s very sincere. What do you think?”

What did she think?

Qiao Nian tapped her fingers on the glass and tilted her head. She narrowed her eyes as if thinking about Jian Jin’s words.

According to her personality, she definitely did not want her personal feelings to be mixed with other benefits. However, she hesitated upon hearing that Jiang Zongnan wanted to cooperate with JC Corporation.

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