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Chapter 1172: Sister Nian: Done

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“…” Shen Jingyan didn’t say anything, but his head hurt a lot. He raised his hand and pressed his eyebrows. He wanted to say, Does her posture look like she’s just trying to scare us?

Qiao Nian was clearly doing it for real!

Having received no reply, Wei Ling felt more and more uncertain. She originally wanted to ask her mother, but when she turned her head, she saw that Wei Ying’s complexion was just as bad, and her face was heavy.

Liang Lu’s face was even more ugly, and everyone could see that she was nervous!

Wei Ling looked around and saw that everyone’s hearts had sunk. Then, she looked across. Be it Wei Mingxuan, Wei Lou, or even the Jiang family members outside the door, everyone looked calmer than them.


They didn’t seem worried at all that Qiao Nian would screw up.

Seeing this, Wei Ling’s heart basically sank to the bottom of the valley, and a strong unease enveloped her heart. She couldn’t say why, but she felt as if an invisible hand was grabbing her neck, and she suddenly had difficulty breathing.

Some time passed.

For computer experts, it wasn’t difficult to recover data as long as the computer wasn’t broken.

But it was very troublesome.

It would take some time.

Qiao Nian’s speed was already fast, but it took almost half an hour to hit the last Enter key. She quickly leaned on the back of the chair. Her expression was a little lazy and cold as she took her hands off the keyboard. “Done.”

There were only two stools in the room. Usually, only the security guard on duty sat. This time, more than 20 people suddenly poured in, crowding the room. There was almost no place to stand, let alone sit.

So, before Qiao Nian recovered the data, everyone in the Wei family stood there and waited.

Including Wei Ying.

The wait was over half an hour.

Many people’s legs were numb when they stood, and they almost couldn’t hold it.

They all rushed over as soon as Qiao Nian spoke. “Done?”

“The data has been restored?”

Qiao Nian operated the mouse with one hand and clicked on the folder in the C drive. The folder was where the monitoring was usually stored.

The folder opened.

There were no surveillance video files from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in this folder before, but now it miraculously appeared.

Wei Ling and the others could hardly believe their eyes.

Liang Lu’s face turned green.


Qiao Nian didn’t talk nonsense with them. “You wanted to watch the monitoring of the operation, I’ll transfer it to you.”

Liang Lu’s mind went blank, and she opened her mouth subconsciously, wanting to say “don’t look”. However, it was useless. She was too nervous, her heartbeat was too fast, her throat felt stuffed with cotton, and she couldn’t say a word.

She watched as Qiao Nian clicked on the video file, and the video began to play.


As soon as the person in the video appeared, Wei Mingxuan’s complexion changed. His eyes were already red, and he shouted excitedly as if the people inside could still hear it.

Next was the face-slapping scene.

In the video, Old Master Wei seemed to be kept in the dark from the injection to entering the operating room. During the operation, Old Master Wei became critically ill.

From the video, it could be seen that when Old Master Wei was in critical condition, the doctors in the provincial hospital who participated in the operation became more anxious one by one, and kept communicating with Liang Lu about something.

However, Liang Lu ignored everyone and only spoke to the foreign expert. Furthermore, it could be seen from her expression that there was nothing the foreign expert could do after the accident during the surgery. She even lost her temper. As a domestic expert, not only did she not turn the tide, she seemed to place her hopes on the other party.

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