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Chapter 1173: Face Turned Green

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No matter how the doctor at the provincial hospital told her to save Old Master Wei, she insisted on carrying out the operation to the end.

Old Master Wei’s ECG respirator also jumped into a straight line at that time.

Then, she was kicked out and Qiao Nian went in.

Old Master Wei’s electrocardiogram was raised again.

There was also the last scene of Old Master Wei returning to his senses and seeing the Wei family for the last time.


The pixels were very clear, and all the movements and expressions of Liang Lu during the operation were clearly captured.

She ignored the doctors in the provincial hospital and obeyed the instructions of the overseas expert, which was also clearly captured!

The video ended.

The sound of breathing could also be heard quietly in the room.

Liang Lu’s body began to tremble, and her face became as white as paper. Seeing everyone looking at her, she shuddered and gritted her teeth. “I, I did it according to the surgical procedures.”

She had yet to finish speaking when Qiao Nian interrupted her dryly. “The first rule of the surgical procedures is that if the patient is in a normal state of consciousness, the patient must be informed. The patient must sign a form of consent if he wants to undergo major surgery. The patient’s family will sign it if the patient is no longer conscious.”

She raised her eyelids, her eyes dark and bright. Just one sentence drove Liang Lu into the abyss. “Professor Liang, did Old Master Wei sign it before you performed the operation?”

“…” Liang Lu opened and closed her mouth, trying to quibble and deny, but the surveillance video was there.

Everyone could see clearly just now that Old Master Wei did not sign anything, and she did not show him the consent form for the operation.

It was more like an injection than a surgery.

He was then taken to the operating room under anesthesia.

In other words, this operation was carried out without Old Master Wei’s knowledge!

This was no small matter.

Liang Lu was completely speechless, and there was only one thought in her mind—I’m done for!

So what if she was an authoritative expert in China? With this video, she was basically nailed to the pillar of shame, and it was not certain whether she could remain as a doctor in the future.

Wei Ying’s face was also pale. Qiao Nian’s remarks not only slammed Liang Lu’s lack of medical ethics as a doctor but also disregarded the patient’s own wishes for surgery.

It also attacked her for carrying out the operation without Old Master Wei’s knowledge.

“This video…” She looked at the girl with shock, hatred, and fear… All kinds of emotions came up as if she was looking at an alien.


Qiao Nian was an evildoer!

She had clearly asked Shen Jingyan to get someone to delete those surveillance videos. She even specially formatted them so that no one would recover the data.

But Qiao Nian was able to recover the deleted surveillance footage.

Wei Ying couldn’t breathe.

Ye Wangchuan was leaning lazily against the chair at this moment, and now he glanced at Wei Ying, who was still struggling to death. “Aunt Wei doesn’t mean to say that this video is fake, right?”

Wei Ying: “…”

The thought did cross her mind.

“Tsk.” Ye Wangchuan chuckled as if hitting her heart. “If a video of this level is considered fake, then the person who said this is likely to have just graduated from elementary school.”

Ye Wangchuan could only be regarded as a junior, but a junior did not save face for her in front of the seven aunts and eight aunts of the Wei family. Wei Ying’s face was burning hot!

“The next thing is your family’s business, and it’s inconvenient for us to intervene.” Ye Wangchuan spoke at a steady speed, not in a hurry.

The fiery temperature on Wei Ying’s face finally dropped.

In the next second, her face that had finally cooled down turned green again.

Ye Wangchuan said lazily, “You’ve wronged someone for nothing. Now that the data has been restored, shouldn’t you apologize?”

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