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:Chapter 1169 Sister Nian: Afraid That I Won’t Die Hard Enough!

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“I’m acting for everyone to see?”

The corners of Liang Lu’s mouth twitched, and she smiled contemptuously. “Yes, don’t you just want everyone to see how much you care about surveillance footage so that you can shirk your responsibilities?”

Qiao Nian remained silent.

She had seen her share of such pretentious people.

She had also seen people like Qiao Chen who refused to acknowledge their mistakes


But she had never seen someone like Liang Lu who jumped up and down because they were afraid that they wouldn’t die hard enough.

Her eyes darkened and the corners of her mouth twitched dryly. She didn’t bother to argue with her. “Okay, whatever you say.”

“It’s the truth!”

Seeing that she was subdued, Liang Lu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, wanting to put all the responsibilities on Qiao Nian in one breath.

Her face darkened slightly. She looked quite intimidating with her cold and stern expression. “Qiao Nian, you’re the top scorer on the college entrance examination this year. I believe you don’t want such a thing to happen. Apologize to everyone and this matter will be over. I believe the Wei family won’t insist on settling scores with a young lady like you…”

Shen Jingyan reacted. After thinking about the pros and cons for a moment, he echoed in a heavy voice, “Professor Liang makes sense. Nian Nian, you don’t have to make such a fuss. If you admit your mistake, Uncle Shen guarantees that this matter won’t escalate to the police station. We’ll settle it privately.”

Wei Ying snorted, feeling a little uneasy inside. Even if she didn’t want Qiao Nian to take the easy way out, she put her head aside and put on a generous attitude as if she didn’t want to bother with the younger generation.

Old Master Jiang saw that Liang Lu and Shen Jingyan put the hat of Old Master Wei’s failed operation back on Qiao Nian’s head in a few words. He frowned and was about to come forward.

“My granddaughter…”

He only said three words, and suddenly a person came out behind him, pressed his shoulder, and comforted him silently. “Old Master Jiang, I’m sorry, I’m late.”

At the age of 27 or 28, his temperament was like the breeze and the moon and was outstandingly noble.

Wearing a simple white shirt, he looked handsome and ostentatious.

He immediately caught everyone’s attention as soon as he appeared.

Shen Jingyan’s heart sank sharply and fell into the abyss as he saw him. His eyes flashed, and he no longer had the strength to make Qiao Nian admit her mistake.

“Young Master Ye? This matter…” He wanted to stop Ye Wangchuan before he stepped in.

Who knew that the other party passed by him without even looking at him. He passed him directly and walked straight to the girl in the control room.

He completely ignored his existence!

Shen Jingyan’s face instantly turned green!

Qiao Nian was equally surprised when he saw him, and she raised his head. “Why are you here?”

Ye Wangchuan saw that she was unscathed and did not look like she was at a disadvantage. His heart relaxed, and his eyes softened as he looked at the Wei family. He raised his hand and adjusted her cap before saying, “Old Master Jiang called me and said that you were here. I happened to be nearby and rushed over. Are you alright?”

Qiao Nian shrugged, getting used to the way he helped tidy her. She didn’t react in any way, and she said casually, “I’m okay. I was about to restore some data when you appeared.”

Ye Wangchuan saw seven or eight monitoring computers in the control room, and he instantly understood what was going on. He nodded and asked again, “Do you need help?”

Qiao Nian was about to say no, then her beautiful black eyes saw the man’s appearance and she was silent for a moment. Next, she changed her decision. “Yes.”

Ye Wangchuan raised his brow.

She looked at him a little uncomfortably and coughed. “I’m a little thirsty. Is there any water?”

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