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Chapter 1170: Lovebirds

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Ye Wangchuan’s eyes darkened and narrowed slightly as if he couldn’t react in time. “Only water?”

It would have been better if he hadn’t asked. Now that he had, Qiao Nian felt even more awkward. She raised her hand impatiently, wanting to tug at her cap, before remembering that he had just come in and helped her adjust it. She raised her cold and fair hand into the air and then silently lowered it. She grabbed nothing but air. “Ah, I only want water for now.”

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and said, “I’ll tell you when I think of something else.”

Looking at the hand she raised and put down unnaturally, Ye Wangchuan thought of something and his thin lips slightly raised in a beautiful arc. “Okay.”

He took a bottle of mineral water and handed it to her.


Qiao Nian took it, unscrewed the cap, and took a sip.

Cold water poured down her throat.

Her dry throat was finally moisturized. Her frowning eyebrows relaxed and she seemed to be in a much better mood.


Qiao Nian had always been generous when her mood was good. She lifted her eyelids and looked at the man with her beautiful, dark eyes.

Ye Wangchuan stretched out his hand and wiped the water stains on her shiny lips with his fingertips. In a good mood, he said lazily, “No need to thank me. Aren’t you going to restore the data?”

Qiao Nian looked at the computer. She nodded, holding the water bottle in one hand. She then dragged the chair away with the other and said naturally, “Wait for me.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Ye Wangchuan nodded slightly and stood there, standing tall and straight.

Wei Lou watched the intimate interaction between the two, including Ye Wangchuan helping the girl to tidy up the cap. The girl’s calm and relaxed expression all fell into his eyes, and he didn’t speak, but his eyes dimmed.

Ye Wangchuan stood beside Qiao Nian like a Buddha statue, not to mention other people, not even Wei Ying dared to act rashly.

Liang Lu was still calm at first, but she was obviously a little nervous after Ye Wangchuan arrived. She tried her best to stay calm, but her fingertips hidden in her sleeves couldn’t stop trembling nervously.

Qiao Nian majored in Chinese Medicine.

She shouldn’t know anything about computing.

Liang Lu tried desperately to comfort herself, but for some reason, her heart was beating very fast.

She had a nagging feeling that this matter had deviated from her initial expectations. Qiao Nian wasn’t someone she could bully as she pleased. This time, she might be screwed up!

The room was silent. Everyone’s eyes were on the girl sitting there recovering the computer data.

The Wei family surrounded the girl, wanting to see more clearly.

Old Master Jiang and Jiang Zongjin didn’t go in and stood outside the control room, but the hospital’s monitoring computers were large and numerous.

Seven or eight computers overlapped.

They could see what was happening on the screen even from a distance.

As soon as Qiao Nian sat down, the monitoring pictures of various parts of the hospital that were being broadcast on the computer disappeared. Then, the screen turned black, and a lot of coding popped up.

Jiang Zongjin himself was a professional engaged in data research and development in this area. He was completely stunned as soon as he saw the code that appeared on the screen.


Did Nian Nian really know how to program?

The numbers on the screen jumped very fast, and to others, it was a garbled piece of characters.

But Jiang Zongjin could understand that it was the C language specially used for programming.

Qiao Nian’s hand speed was astonishingly fast.

He could barely distinguish between rows of C programming commands being typed out.

Old Master Jiang specialized in Chinese and had no concept of the C language. Like most people, he only saw real-time monitoring on the computer before Qiao Nian finished her work.

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