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Chapter 1160: Understood Why Qiao Nian Has Citibank’s Black Card

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The old man’s surgery was done behind everyone’s back!

It was not until something went wrong during the surgery that Wei Ying let him know.

Wei Lou hurriedly called Qiao Nian.

That was basically what happened.

He knew very well why Wei Ying wanted to perform a brain tumor removal surgery on the old man. She just wanted the old man to live for two more years. At least until Wei Qi was released from prison so that the old man’s status in the Wei family would be as stable as it could get.


However, Qiao Nian had made it very clear that the old man had a malignant tumor in his brain.

As long as the tumor was not removed by surgery, the old man would only be stalling for time. The longest he could stall was three years.

Three years was not enough for Wei Qi to get out of prison.

Wei Ying had never given up. She wanted the old man to undergo surgery to remove the malignant tumor.

This time, it was unknown if the old man had agreed or if Wei Ying had done something.

At this moment, Wei Mingxuan did not want to argue about this. He only wanted to take care of the old man’s health first. His eyes darkened as he placed all his hopes on Qiao Nian. He said sincerely, “Miss Qiao, I’ll leave my father in your hands this time!”

Qiao Nian only said, “Wei Lou and I are friends. His grandfather is also my elder. It’s not as big a favor as you say. I’ll do my best.”

Wei Mingxuan heaved a sigh of relief. He said seriously, “I owe you two favors. I won’t let you down if you need my help in the future!”

Qiao Nian did not continue with the pleasantries. She narrowed her eyes and said, “Uncle Wei, I need a quiet environment. Other than the medical staff of the provincial hospital, I hope the others can leave for the time being. Can you do that?”

“No problem. I’ll arrange it immediately,” Wei Mingxuan agreed quickly.

“Okay.” Qiao Nian nodded and did not waste any time. She seemed to know the internal structure of the hospital very well. She walked straight to an office outside the operating theater. “I’ll go change into the surgical gown.”

Before she went in, she seemed to remember that Old Master Jiang and Jiang Zongjin were also there. She turned around and said to them, “Grandpa, Dad, wait for me here. I need to perform an operation. It’ll take about two hours.”

At this point, Qiao Nian thought for a moment and said uncertainly, “I’m not too sure about the duration. You can leave first if you have something else to do. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Jiang Zongjin watched as she changed into the surgical gown. Under the surgical cap, there was only guilt in his eyes. He did not have any other emotions and did not ask anything. “It’s fine. Dad will wait for you.”

Old Master Wei’s condition was urgent. Seeing Liang Lu and a foreigner coming out of the operating theater, Qiao Nian wanted to say something, but there was no time. She nodded and went in.

Old Master Jiang’s mouth was slightly open in shock the entire time. He asked in a low voice, “What’s going on with Nian Nian? Was it Nian Nian who cured Old Master Wei last time? Why did Xianrou say that it was her mentor…”

Old Master Wei had a stroke last time. After Jiang Xianrou returned, she told them that it was Liang Lu who saved Old Master Wei from being paralyzed.

Hearing Wei Mingxuan’s words just now, the person who really pulled Old Master Wei back from the abyss was not Liang Lu, but—Nian Nian?!

Old Master Jiang couldn’t help but think of the legend of the miracle doctor in Rao City that had become popular in Beijing recently.

It was said that there was a very powerful doctor in Rao City who had a strange temper and was mysterious. She did not interact much with outsiders. The leg disability of the little boy of the Ye family and Old Master Wei were both cured by this miracle doctor.


Old Master Jiang suddenly understood why Qiao Nian had a Citibank black card.

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