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Chapter 1161: Just Took Over a Mess

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If Nian Nian was that miracle doctor from Rao City… Old Master Jiang fell silent and looked at his eldest son.

Jiang Zongjin, on the other hand, was very calm. He did not seem to realize that Wei Mingxuan’s attitude towards Qiao Nian was strange. He only replied to the old man, “I don’t know. I just think that you’re right, Dad. I’m a failure as a father.”

“…I don’t know Nian Nian at all. I basically don’t know anything about her. You were right to lecture me. No matter what important project it is, it’s not as important as Nian Nian!” He was filled with guilt. There was no curiosity. He lowered his head as if it was too heavy for him to raise it. “I’m not a good father. I hope I can make it up to her in the future.”

Old Master Jiang opened his mouth and wanted to say, “Do you understand that Nian Nian might be the miracle doctor from Rao City?”

But the light in his eyes dimmed. He did not say anything.


Jiang Zongjin’s words also pierced into the depths of his heart.

That’s right. So what if Qiao Nian was the Miracle Doctor of Rao City?

As a grandfather, he only needed to step forward when his granddaughter needed him. Nothing else mattered.

Once something happened to Old Master Wei, the Wei family would be in trouble.

It was not a good thing for Nian Nian to get involved at this time. At least the eldest daughter of the Wei family was not easy to deal with!

It was fine if Old Master Wei turned out fine. He would protect Qiao Nian no matter what if anything happened to Old Master Wei.

He did not want the Wei family to implicate Qiao Nian!

The internationally renowned brain surgeon that Liang Lu and Wei Ying had found was basically chased out.

As soon as the foreign expert was chased out, his expression was ugly. He was speaking to Liang Lu.

The chittering was all in foreign language.

Liang Lu’s expression was equally ugly. She could only keep explaining the situation to the other party and the uniqueness of the patient’s identity.

She looked as angry as the foreign expert, but she was actually relieved. Cold sweat broke out on her back.

She was actually hesitant when Wei Ying went to her and wanted her to operate on Old Master Wei. However, Wei Ying told her about the foreign brain expert from the Medical Association and that he would perform this surgery with her. She had heard of this expert’s name and agreed after thinking about it.

Who knew that the surgery would not go smoothly?

Less than an hour after the surgery began, Old Master Wei’s body showed signs of blood rejection. Immediately after, all the indicators of his body began to show problems.

Before she was replaced by Qiao Nian, she had already used all the methods she could think of. However, Old Master Wei’s condition was very bad. The ECG machine had shown a state where his heart rate had stopped…

Old Master Wei might have died on the operating table ten minutes later if Qiao Nian had not gone in.

It was such a huge medical accident. She broke out in a cold sweat when she thought about it. Her fingers were trembling.

She could only suppress her panic and act indignant to hide her guilt, even though she knew that she was actually useless inside.

The operating room lights were still on.

It had been two hours, and it was still a reminder of the surgery that went wrong.

The foreign expert was already walking away in anger.

Liang Lu did not dare leave for the moment. She stood to one side, her face cold, her expression unfriendly. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared coldly at the lights of the operating room.

Old Master Wei’s situation was very bad.

Qiao Nian was actually just bearing the brunt of the mess.

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