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Chapter 1108: Jiang Xianrou Buys a Spot on the Trending Searches

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The manager knew that he didn’t care when he saw his reaction. He observed his reaction and found it difficult to explain. “No. Brother Li, your sister is on the trending searches.”

Jiang Li instantly sat up straight when he heard this. He frowned. “My sister? F*ck! You mean Nian Nian?”

Qiao Nian was trending?

The manager shook his head and handed over the cell phone. “It’s not Miss Qiao. It’s your biological sister.”

His biological sister… Jiang Xianrou?

Jiang Li quickly snatched the cell phone from him and flipped through the contents of the trending searches. His sloppy expression was gone, and he became embarrassed and cautious.

#Jiang Li is going to attend the Qing University opening ceremony and root for his sister


#Jiang Xianrou is Zhui Guang herself

He could ignore the first one.

However, he had to pay attention to the other two trending topics. His back was straight, and his handsome face was cold as he pursed his thin lips.

He looked up and asked his manager after reading the entire trending page, “What does Jiang Xianrou mean?!”

“This…” This was Jiang Li’s family matter. The manager looked troubled and could not answer.

Jiang Li saw that he wanted to say something but hesitated. He waved his hand and returned the cell phone to him. His eyes darkened completely. “She did it on purpose!”

He especially went home yesterday to warn Jiang Xianrou not to cause any trouble. But today, the topic of Jiang Xianrou playing ‘Nirvana’ at Qing University’s opening ceremony was trending.

He even read in one of the comments that it was revealed by a student from Qing University.


Which student from Qing University was so nosy!

Jiang Xianrou had obviously found someone to expose it.

She even deliberately put the fact that he was going to the Qing University’s opening ceremony on the trending searches. Now, the trending searches were filled with comments about “divine siblings working together”.

“She knows that I probably won’t be supporting the Clinical Department anymore, so she paid for a trending topic to force me to go. I’ll be slapping her face in public if I don’t go…”

How could someone who could get along with Ye Wangchuan and the others be a fool?

Jiang Xianrou’s tricks were not enough for Jiang Li.

His face was dark and he did not really want to talk anymore when he finished speaking. He leaned back and slumped on the sofa, speechless for a long moment.

“Why do you think she hates Nian Nian so much that she has to suppress her to feel better?”

Why couldn’t a family get along?

Her uncle was clearly especially good to their family. The three of them had been taken care of by his uncle when they were young.

Now that his uncle had finally found his daughter, shouldn’t they hold Nian Nian in their hands preciously?

He really couldn’t understand what was going on in Jiang Xianrou’s mind!

The manager had no idea how to comfort him, so he added dryly, “Maybe all girls are like that.”

“Nian Nian isn’t like her.”

Qiao Nian seemed cold and aloof to everyone, but she always thought about the people around her.

On the other hand, Jiang Xianrou looked dignified but was selfish.

Jiang Li supported his forehead with his hand. He seemed to have a headache, but he appeared to have made up his mind. He said in a low voice, “I can’t stop her if she wants to court death. I hope she won’t regret it and come crying to me on that day!”

He didn’t sleep well last night. He had originally planned to skip the opening ceremony, but Jiang Xianrou insisted on him going.

The opening ceremony would definitely attract a lot of attention if he went.

Jiang Xianrou wanted to slap Nian Nian’s face in public and embarrass her and the Chinese Medicine Faculty. By that time, she would probably be the one embarrassed!

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