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Chapter 1109: Zhui Guang Is Jiang Xianrou? Is She Worthy of That Title?!

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At the same time.

At Beijing Television Station.

Wen Ruxia had just arrived at the office and opened the door when she saw her assistant watering the potted plants.

Seeing her come in, the assistant put down the watering can and quickly brought her a cup of coffee while softly reporting to her about work.

Wen Ruxia had just returned from overseas a few days ago and had yet to recover from the jetlag. She absent-mindedly pulled out the leather swivel chair and sat down. After listening to her, she picked up the pile of folders on the table and opened one without much thought. She said casually, “Let’s do as you say.”

“Okay.” The assistant was about to go down and inform the other departments in the station.

Suddenly, she remembered something and stopped in her tracks. She returned and said to her, “By the way, Manager Wen, I realized that Qing University sent you an invitation to the opening ceremony when I helped you receive the express delivery this morning. Are you going to attend?”

Qing University was one of the famous century-old schools in Beijing. Many people graduated from Qing University every year.

Although it was just a school, it was quite reputable in Beijing. Many socialites would give them face.

Especially for major events like the opening ceremony, many celebrities would attend it every year.

Wen Ruxia picked up her coffee cup steadily and did not answer immediately. She seemed to be considering it. “When will Qing University’s semester start?”

“Perhaps next week.”

Seeing that she was considering it, the assistant said with interest, “I heard that an unexpected person will be performing on stage this year. You must be interested.”

Wen Ruxia couldn’t help but laugh. She put down her cup and thought her words were quite amusing. What kind of person would she be interested in?

“They said that Zhui Guang is going on stage to perform ‘Nirvana’!” the assistant said with certainty.

As expected.

Wen Ruxia sat up. Her usually arrogant and calm face revealed a stunned expression. She looked at her and asked, “Who did you just say? Zhui Guang will be going on stage?”

Qiao Nian was performing?

“That’s right.” The assistant nodded and held the document that Wen Ruxia had given her. She was even more surprised than Wen Ruxia herself. “Manager Wen, didn’t you see the trending topic on Weibo this morning?”

“Show it to me.”

Wen Ruxia asked her to pull up the news.

“Uh, okay. Please wait a moment.” The assistant put the things aside and found her cell phone. Finally finding the trending topic, she handed the phone to her.

At the same time, she did not forget to add expectantly, “I didn’t expect Miss Jiang to be Zhui Guang herself. Tsk, Weibo was overwhelmed when the trending searches came out this morning.”

Wen Ruxia was speechless.

The assistant continued thoughtfully, “But it’s not strange when you think about it. Previously, Zhui Guang personally tagged Jiang Li on Weibo and said that she was his sister. Thinking about it, Jiang Li only has one biological sister. It doesn’t seem so strange that Miss Jiang is Zhui Guang.”

This matter was being analyzed online.

After some analysis, it did not seem surprising that Jiang Xianrou was Zhui Guang. After all, Jiang Xianrou was famous for her talent. Everyone knew that she was talented and had achieved a lot in the musical world. She had even almost become Master Nie’s disciple.

Wen Ruxia finished reading the trending searches in silence and returned the cell phone to her. She already understood what was going on and smiled. “You said that Jiang Xianrou is Zhui Guang?”

Everyone in the station knew that Wen Ruxia had seen Zhui Guang before. The assistant was a little surprised when she heard this and said, “That’s what the Internet says. Manager Wen, is she not?”

Wen Ruxia lowered her eyelashes in disdain and restrained the coldness in her eyes. “She? She’s not worthy!”

Qiao Nian had been busy for the past few days.

She didn’t have the time to look at Weibo, so she naturally did not know about the trending topic.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the school opening ceremony.

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