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Chapter 1105: Are All the Big Shots So Free?

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“You don’t know? Didn’t Principal Liang tell you about the illegal area? This mining big shot…”

Qin Si was about to start explaining when Ye Wangchuan walked over and interrupted him, separating him from Qiao Nian. “You haven’t slept for a few days. Aren’t you tired?”

Qin Si was in the midst of sharing his experiences in the illegal district with Qiao Nian. He was in a good mood and was not sleepy at all. Not understanding what he meant, he shook his head with a dumbfounded expression. “It’s alright. I went back to sleep and only came over at midnight.”

He walked past Ye Wangchuan and continued to lament to Qiao Nian after saying that. “Sister Qiao, you have no idea. Master Wang actually knows that mining big shot. We wanted to go to the auction to buy what Master Cheng wanted, but the big shot gave us a box for free…”

Qiao Nian hummed in response and lowered her eyes. She leaned against the wall, her thoughts drifting away as she recalled the message Guan Yan had sent her, asking if the Red Alliance had changed its name to Free Stuff.

From the looks of it, not only did Guan Yan feel that they were giving them away for free, but even Qin Si felt the same…

She wanted to say that she had actually paid him.

The money was drawn from her account.

However, Qiao Nian silently swallowed her words. She felt a thoughtful gaze on her as if someone had seen through everything.

She sat up awkwardly and picked up her phone from the table. She got up and said to the people in the living room, “You guys have fun. I’m going out.”


Qin Si also wanted to have fun with Qiao Nian apart from bragging to her about the illegal district. He was quite surprised to see the girl pick up her coat from the couch and look like she was about to leave.

“Yes.” Qiao Nian didn’t hide anything. She picked up her cap and placed it on her head. Then, she explained casually, “There’s a program coming up at the opening ceremony. I’m going up, too. I’ve arranged to rehearse with my classmates these few days.”

Qin Si was speechless.

He was momentarily confused.

Qiao Nian had to attend Qing University’s opening ceremony and perform on stage?

Were all the big shots so free?

Ye Wangchuan stood up, picked up his car keys, and said very naturally, “Where are you guys meeting? I’ll send you there.”

Qiao Nian did not refuse this time.

The rates of the piano studios near Qing University were expensive. Song Tian’s appointment location was a certain distance from the school. She could pick Song Tian up from Qing University on the way and go over together if Ye Wangchuan drove her.

At this thought, Qiao Nian nodded and did not say anything else. “Then, wait for me. I’ll go up and get something.”

Her cell phone battery was almost dead. Thus, she took the charging cord with her.

She brought along her earphones as well.

An hour later.

The ostentatious car drove to the Qing University gate, picked up Song Tian, and drove her to the rehearsal room.

Ye Wangchuan dropped the two of them off and rolled down the car window when they arrived, revealing his very handsome face. He smiled slightly, like the perfect spring breeze in March. He said to Qiao Nian, “Tell me when you’re done practicing. I’ll come and pick you up.”

Ooh, so handsome.

Song Tian’s eyes widened.

“Mm, got it.”

Qiao Nian was used to it and was not affected by his charm. She nodded and waved at the man in the car.

The window rolled up and the car drove smoothly away.

Song Tian heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the car disappear into the traffic. She then said, “Qiao Nian, is that your boyfriend? He’s so handsome. I was so nervous along the way that I didn’t dare to speak.”


The girl pulled down the brim of her cap, revealing a fair and slender wrist. She looked in the direction the car had left, and her eyes darkened. Not denying it, she instead just said, “Let’s go in.”

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