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Chapter 1104: Jiang Xianrou Knew That She Had Cracked the Song

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“I just heard from the people from the Chinese Medicine Faculty that they’re planning to hold a traditional ethnic style solo dance during the opening ceremony. The accompanying song is Zhui Guang’s ‘Nirvana’!”

Jiang Xianrou’s heart skipped a beat.

Just like them?

As expected.

Zhao Ruoqi also said over the phone, “The tune they chose is exactly the same as ours. I wonder if it was intentional.”

Then, she continued immediately after with a smug smile, “It’s just as well. Our show will definitely attract the most attention with your brother at the opening ceremony. It’ll be perfect if they insist on clashing with us. We’ll embarrass them!”

“Do you know who will be playing this song?” Jiang Xianrou did not care about the gossip and already had a guess.

Zhao Ruoqi said indifferently, “I know. I think it’s that freshman from their department this year, the one who did especially well in the college entrance examination. What’s her name again…”

“Qiao Nian.” Jiang Xianrou’s voice was cold, and her beautiful eyes went cold as well.

She was wondering why Jiang Li would come back to vent his anger on her. So that was what happened.

Hehe, so Qiao Nian had chosen Zhui Guang’s song as well. Coincidentally, it was the same song she had chosen. They had both picked ‘Nirvana’!

Jiang Li must have realized that they had chosen the same song and wanted to stand up for Qiao Nian, so he ran back to ask her to change it!

Jiang Xianrou’s lips were extremely cold without a trace of warmth, and her expression was piercing.

On the other end of the line, Zhao Ruoqi suddenly realized that the person on stage would definitely be Qiao Nian. Her voice turned even colder. “Zhao Ruoqi, do me a favor…”

Zhao Ruoqi did not think too much about it. She said straightforwardly without thinking, “Senior, just say what you need. There’s no need to ask.”

Jiang Xianrou told her what she wanted to do.

Zhao Ruoqi agreed without hesitation.

After the call ended.

Jiang Xianrou looked down at her cell phone and smiled coldly, her eyes filled with disdain.

Jiang Li told her to change the song or she would regret it.


She might have considered changing to another one if she didn’t know that Qiao Nian had chosen the same song. Now, she wanted to see who would regret it if they met head-on!

The following day.

Ye Wangchuan’s plane arrived at the capital airport at five in the morning.

They arrived at the apartment at five-thirty.

He did not wake Qiao Nian when he got home. He returned to his room to take a cold shower and slept peacefully in his territory.

It was almost two in the afternoon when he woke up.

Ye Wangchuan got up in high spirits and put on his home clothes before leaving the room.

In the living room.

Gu San was already up. He immediately put down what he was busy with and greeted him when he saw him coming down the stairs. “Master Wang, you’re up. Do you want to eat something?”

“Yes, just get some.”

Ye Wangchuan looked down and realized that Qin Si was actually there as well. He was telling Qiao Nian what had happened at the auction.

He was extremely excited when he got to the interesting part.

“Sister Qiao, it’s a pity that you didn’t go. Really, I would definitely bring you to see that auction if you went.”

Qiao Nian yawned, evidently not in high spirits. She would also occasionally frown. She was obviously annoyed by Qin Si.

This fellow did not think so and even smacked his lips. “Do you know that there’s another big shot in the illegal area?”

The girl seemed to become mildly interested when he mentioned this. She looked up at him and leaned lazily against the arm of the sofa. “I don’t know.”

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