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Chapter 1073: Preparing to Go Back to Beijing!

The other party’s Bluetooth earpiece lit up again.

Qiao Nian did not wait for him to repeat himself. Her attitude was quite cold and heartless as she said simply, “If he doesn’t accept it, I won’t accept this gift either.”

The other party was silent for a moment as if the person on the other end had instructed him to do something again. Coming back to his senses, he nodded, quickly looked up, and said politely, “Okay, Miss Qiao. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian held the envelope lazily and hummed.

The other party did not say anything else and walked away very quickly. In the blink of an eye, he brushed past Liang Conglin and the others and disappeared at the end of the corridor, as if he was never there to begin with…

Liang Conglin and the others left before going over.

He frowned. His intuition did not give him a good impression of the person who had brushed past him. He wasn’t as fancy as Qiao Nian’s friend.

“Qiao Nian, that was…” It was not appropriate for him to ask about his student’s privacy, but he still asked.

“Someone I know.” Qiao Nian opened the envelope and took out the plane tickets inside. She took out her own and handed the envelope with the remaining plane tickets to him, saying calmly, “He probably heard that I was leaving and sent me plane tickets. It’s okay. I’ll transfer the money to him later. Principal, this is your plane ticket. See if it’s right.”

She spoke calmly as if she did not take this matter to heart. It wasn’t convenient for Liang Conglin to ask further, so he took the envelope from her and took out the plane tickets to confirm that there was no problem. After confirming that it was their plane tickets, he looked up and said gently, “Professor Jiang and the others went to the airport first. They’ll wait for us there. Let’s go over first.”



Qiao Nian had already packed her things. She picked up her phone and sent a message to Slim Waist Control to say that she had left. After some thought, she took out an account that she rarely used and transferred a sum of money.

Liang Conglin did not see what she was doing with her head lowered as she held her phone. He only saw her playing with her phone and instructed the other professors to hurry up and pack.

He packed after he returned to his room with the envelope.

He did not bring much.

Compared to the two female professors, he brought few things. He only brought two changes of clothes and some regular medicine.

He finished packing in no time at all.

He saw the envelope on the table beside him from the corner of his eye when he zipped up his suitcase and was about to leave the room.

The envelope was turned over.

A logo was printed on it.

Liang Conglin felt that the symbol was quite familiar, so he picked it up and looked at it carefully.

At a glance, there seemed to be an imprint on the envelope. Inside the red circular imprint was a traditional Chinese word that looked a little like oracle bone.

Liang Conglin’s major before he was promoted to the principal of Qing University was archeology and oracle bone script research, so he recognized the word at a glance.


“Tian?” He held the envelope and stood there frowning for a long time. Suddenly thinking of something, his eyes revealed a hint of surprise. “Tian Chen?”

He felt that this mark was very familiar. Wasn’t this Tian Chen’s mark?

Tian Chen was a very powerful force in recent years. Not only were they in the international and illegal areas, but they were also in the country.

For example, the investor behind Xinsheng Corporation was Tian Chen.

In addition, the boss behind the Jin Chen Hotel they were staying at this time was said to be from Tian Chen.

No one knew who was behind Tian Chen. He was very mysterious. Even he could not figure out his background.

The “someone” Qiao Nian mentioned was someone from Tian Chen??

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