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Chapter 1016: Qin Si Has Invited a New Member, QN, to Join the Group

The monthly cost of this sanatorium was not cheap. It was at least six digits. The food, clothes, and accommodation were not very good, but it was definitely much better than the hospital.

Ever since Old Master Jiang became old, his health had not been very good. He stayed in the sanatorium all year round and did not go home.

Jiang Xianrou was already used to the sanatorium.

She picked up her coffee cup and took a small sip. Then, she looked at her phone and saw the message Liang Lu had sent her.

She said that there was a school opening ceremony at Qing University. Their department was going to organize a program or something when the time came. She hoped that she could go.

Regarding the medical competition previously, she and Liang Lu had lost face together. Even the entire Clinical Department had lost face.

An important occasion like the opening ceremony was a good opportunity to show her face. Liang Lu was definitely unwilling to let go of it. She had to fight back.

Jiang Xianrou was not very interested in this. She was going to graduate this year, and she basically did not need to go to school for the last year.

Once she graduated, the grudges between the Clinical Department and the Chinese Medicine Faculty would have nothing to do with her.

Jiang Xianrou put down her coffee cup and did not care much about Liang Lu’s question about organizing a show. She thought about it and did not reply immediately.

As she was thinking, messages kept popping up in the group.

It had been a long time since the group was so lively.

After Jiang Xianrou replied to Liang Lu, she opened the group and looked at it in boredom.

Just as she clicked on it, she saw Ye Wangchuan’s message.

[Y: Call her Sister-in-law.]

Ye Wangchuan’s name in the WeChat group was very recognizable. It was the first letter of his name, capitalized.


His personality was clear and striking.

He was different from Qin Si. Qin Si would still appear in the group from time to time and often gather everyone. However, Ye Wangchuan rarely spoke in the group.

If not for the fact that his WeChat account in the group was his usual WeChat account, with his attitude of lying in the group like a corpse all year round and not appearing in it even once a year, he would probably be mistaken for his alternate account.

Call her sister-in-law?

Jiang Xianrou’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she felt inexplicably uneasy. She bit her lips and immediately looked at the previous messages.

There were too many messages in the group.

She flipped through them. The group was filled with people acknowledging her as their sister.

It was not until she flipped to the top and saw Qin Si’s message tagging Qiao Nian that Jiang Xianrou suddenly stopped.

[@QN My sister, protect me!]

When she connected it to the message below, the answer was obvious.

Jiang Xianrou felt like she had been struck by lightning. Her mind was blank. In her daze, the phone slipped out of her hand and hit the table with a loud bang.

“Xianrou, what’s wrong? Why do you look so shocked?” Tang Wanru was also here. She sat opposite Jiang Xianrou. The nurse had poured her rose tea. She was wearing a ruffled shirt and a wrap dress, looking mature and elegant. It was obvious that she had taken good care of herself. Her temperament was considered outstanding among the noble ladies in Beijing.

At this moment, Tang Wanru frowned slightly and put down the cup. She looked at Jiang Xianrou in confusion. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking?”

Jiang Xianrou was still immersed in the “Sister-in-law” message in the group and could not recover for a long time. Hearing this, she forced the corners of her mouth to twitch and shook her head. She was distracted. “Mom, I’m fine.”

She picked up her phone again and looked at the group chat. It was the group notification where Qin Si had pulled Qiao Nian into the group.

— Qin Si has invited a new member, QN, to join the group. She is not your friend yet.

Jiang Xianrou bit her lips. Her exquisite face was actually a little twisted from anger and jealousy.

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