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Chapter 1015: Master Wang: Call Her Sister-in-law

[I want a few good players. If your levels are too low, don’t come. Let’s form a team of five. No noobs.]

Zhang Yang saw that he was quite arrogant when he leaned against his seat casually and typed the words “no noobs.” The corners of his mouth twitched as he recalled his rank.

It seemed like Young Master Qin was more like a noob.

He was a classic example of a noob who overestimated himself!

After Qin Si sent the group message, he did not feel anything. He turned around as if he had thought of something and asked, “Sister Qiao, do you have a WeChat group?”

“Huh?” Qiao Nian did not understand what he meant for a moment. She raised her eyebrows and hummed casually.

Qin Si thought that she had a WeChat group and said to himself, “I have a group with Master Wang. You haven’t joined it yet, right? I’ll add you in.”

With that, he lowered his head and studied how to add people in. Before Qiao Nian could agree, he added her in.

It was rare for Qin Si to appear in the group.

The group was extremely lively. Many people sent messages.

As soon as Qiao Nian was dragged in, she heard her phone ring non-stop.

Her temples throbbed from the annoyance of the notification. She took out her phone and saw that she had been forcefully pulled into the group.

When she was added in, no one cared until Qin Si tagged her.

[@QN My sister, protect me!]

Someone below immediately ignored her.

“So you’re Master Si’s sister. Master Si’s sister is also our sister. Hello, Sister. Nice to meet you. I’m He Wang.”

“Hello, Sister.”

A bunch of people addressed her as ‘Sister’.

Qiao Nian supported her chin with her hand, her eyes quite dry. At a glance, she thought that she had poked her relatives’ nest. The people all tagged her and called her sister.

She had been forcefully dragged into the group by Qin Si, to begin with. She only sent an emoji and did not speak. She also flipped through the members and saw a few familiar avatars.

Ye Wangchuan was inside.

Gu San was also among them.

There was also Bo Jingxing.

She narrowed her eyes lazily and did not continue to look at who else was in the group. She could roughly confirm that Qin Si was not lying to her. This was the group they usually played in.

She had only sent a smiling emoji. There were still people supporting her below. They were even welcoming Qiao Nian into the group and calling her sister along with Qin Si.

Gu San was driving when he heard Qin Si’s chatter behind him. He couldn’t help but turn around and talk to the man in the front passenger seat. “Master Wang, Miss Qiao entered the group?”

“I think so.” Ye Wangchuan took out his phone. His face was very eye-catching. He opened his phone and lowered his eyes to look at the group message. Seeing that the group was filled with messages acknowledging her as his sister, his eyes darkened. He rolled down the window and let the wind in.

He placed his elbow on the window and leaned against the passenger seat as he held his phone with both hands and typed on the keyboard.

People were still trying to get close to her in the group.

“Sister is from Rao City? I’ve been to Rao City before. That place is filled with outstanding people.”

“Which school are you from? I’ll cover for you.”

He looked at those IDs who called her sister deeply and slowly sent a message: [Y: Call her sister-in-law.]

In a sanatorium in Beijing.

Old Master Jiang was talking to Jiang Zongnan.

Jiang Xianrou sat quite far away and did not hear what the two of them were saying. She could only see that her father and grandfather’s expressions were serious. It seemed to be a very important matter.

She sat there playing with her phone in boredom.

The nurse at the sanatorium brought her a cup of coffee and placed it on the table.

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