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Chapter 1010: Are You Talking About Qiao Nian??

Shen Qiongzhi was instantly dumbfounded. She couldn’t recover from her shock for a long time. “Cheng Feng Corporation is looking for us to seek compensation for the breach of contract?”

Her mind went blank for a second, and she frowned. Her first reaction was to chase after Qiao Weimin and ask, “Why? Didn’t they waive the termination fee previously? It’s been so long, why did they suddenly mention it?”

Back then, when Cheng Feng Corporation and the Qiao Corporation were splitting their market in Rao City, there were many loopholes in the construction funds they contracted.

At that time, they were afraid every day that Cheng Feng Corporation would pursue the matter. After all, the companies had signed a contract, and the terms included compensation rules regarding the breach of contract.

If they really were to compensate them, they would have to pay a huge sum.

It was strange. Cheng Feng Corporation had not mentioned any compensation. They had only quickly cut ties with them and stopped cooperating with them. The others did not make things difficult for them, either.

It had already been half a year. Why did Cheng Feng Corporation suddenly ask them for compensation?

Qiao Weimin was more aware than her. Seeing that she was still confused and did not understand the situation, he glanced in the direction of Qiao Chen’s ward and retracted his gaze. It was as if he had aged 10 years. He pinched the bridge of his nose and said in a low voice, “Think about who we have offended recently.”

“Who can we offend—” Shen Qiongzhi was about to say that they were all hiding their tails in Rao City now. Who could they offend?

She suddenly thought of someone.

Her face turned red in an instant. Her fingers trembled uncontrollably, whether from anger or fear. She tried her best to control her emotions. “Are you talking about Qiao Nian?”

They had never really offended anyone else, but they could only blame themselves for offending Qiao Nian.

Shen Qiongzhi’s feet were nailed to the ground. She was so angry that all the blood in her body rushed to the top of her head. Her eyes darkened and she almost fainted. “She caused Chen Chen to become like this, and she still has the cheek to play tricks behind our backs. Is she even human? At such a young age, why is her heart so vicious! If I had known earlier, I would have—”

“That’s enough!” Qiao Weimin didn’t want to listen to her tricks and shouted at her to stop. Taking a deep breath, he continued, “Cheng Feng Corporation has already calculated the termination fee. It’s a total of 37 million yuan. They will start to pursue us through the financial board procedure tomorrow. If we don’t pay them within a month, they will take legal action. If you have the time to spout useless things, why don’t you think about how we can gather this sum of money?”

37 million yuan was not a big sum for the Qiao Corporation, which had almost been listed successfully previously. They could definitely come up with this sum if they tried.

Otherwise, in the past, Qiao Chen wouldn’t have been studying at an elite school, with a master teacher teaching her the piano, and her family wouldn’t have bought a villa and hired a servant. Everything required money.

Not to mention that Shen Qiongzhi and He Yujuan were used to being extravagant. From time to time, they would go shopping in high-end shopping malls and buy jewelry and bags at special counters.

In the past, Shen Qiongzhi’s bags cost hundreds of thousands in yuan.

The Qiao family led a wealthy life.

Ever since Qiao Nian fell out with her family and Cheng Feng Corporation terminated their partnership overnight, the Qiao Corporation’s days were getting worse and worse.

In just a year, the company that almost got listed had almost become a small company in the city.

Some time ago, Qiao Weimin had pleaded with his grandfather and grandmother to take down a small project with their old connections and rebuild an old campus.

In the past, they had Cheng Feng Corporation as their backing. The resources from Cheng Feng Corporation were more than enough. They didn’t even look at such a project. Now, they were asking others to give them a chance. It could be seen how difficult a predicament the company was in.

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