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If that old Lizardman patriarch hadn’t joined the battle, the six Saint domain Qi warriors would have been more than strong enough to handle the eight ninth grade Lizardmen.

However, his existence instantly broke the balance and turned the situation around.

He single-handedly put Yang Fan under tremendous pressure, and made him realize that this was a battle they couldn’t win.

Though very reluctant, he suggested evacuation.

After all, he found the unidentified bone far too powerful. The devastating might its blood-colored patterns unleashed crushed his lighting bolts, and almost tore his lightning domain apart.

Meanwhile, in his senses, the old Lizardman patriarch actually still had a long way to go before entering the tenth grade.

If that bone were out of the picture, he had confidence that the battle between the two of them would last a rather long time.

If another Saint domain expert were to join him, they might even be able to match the Lizardman patriarch evenly.

“What kind of powerful being does that bone belong to?!” Yang Fan cried inwardly. “Just a bone alone became so mighty after being refined by the Lizardman patriarch... Even the bone of a tenth grade outsider grand monarch or Ancientbeast shouldn’t be so shockingly powerful!”


One sparkling, crystal-clear stream after another flew out of the domain of Zhao Heng, a subordinate of Lou Hongyan.

He was also at the late Saint domain. It was just that he had only made the breakthrough recently.

The sparkling streams that contained the profound truths of water power interacted with Yang Fan’s lightning power, giving rise to wondrous changes.

Numerous flickering magical symbols appeared, each carrying the profound truths of lightning and water power.

Some magical symbols looked like winding rivers; some resembled the starry river; others were lightning condensed by exquisite lightning incantations.

The power Saint domain experts unleashed manifested their profound understanding of it, which they had derived over thousands of years.

However, the wondrous magical symbols that carried raging lightning power and gentle water power failed to cause any noticeable damage to the bone.

The grayish-green bone suddenly grew translucent and sparkling, its blood-colored patterns looking like the Bloodline Crystal Chains within the bloodline aura of some higher being.

The profound bloodline power within the blood-colored patterns, which didn’t have anything to do with the Lizardmen, suddenly burst forth.


A large amount of blood-colored light rose, forming some sort of tentacles that swung in the void. They actually started to channel impurities and hazardous powers to themselves.

They expanded at an alarming rate as they pierced directly into Yang Fan and Zhao Heng’s domains.

In the next moment, their domains were ripped apart like cloth curtains.

As soon as that happened, a large amount of impurities and unidentified energies engulfed them, accelerating the disintegration of their domains.

“Zhang Shuo!” Zhao Heng exclaimed. “Get out of here now!”

As another Saint domain expert, Zhang Shuo was an expert of earth power.

However, since he was only at the middle Saint domain, his attempts to crush the bone by changing the gravitational field didn’t work at all.

Zhao Heng saw that he wasn’t making a difference, and thus urged him to leave.

But upon hearing his words, not only did Zhang Shuo not leave, but he launched even fiercer attacks towards the Lizardman patriarch with the help of the other three Saint domain experts.

“Divine Daughter!” Yang Fan shouted, looking more anxious than ever. “That bone is incredibly powerful. Our domains won’t be able to hold on for much longer. So you need to get as far away from here as possible while the six of us stall the Lizardmen for you!”

Lou Hongyan started to panic.

However, as she looked with rapt attention, she realized that while the other Saint domain experts teamed up to attack the Lizardman patriarch, he chose to avoid them instead of fighting.

It was as if the Lizardman patriarch was relying solely on that bone to fight.


Eight ninth grade Lizardmen dashed over and finally arrived on battlefield.

As soon as they did, they split into four groups of two to fight the four Saint domain experts who were attacking their patriarch.

The four experts were at the early and middle Saint domain. Since the Lizardmen outnumbered them two to one, the Lizardmen soon gained the upper hand.

Because of their arrival, the weight was lifted from the Lizardman patriarch’s shoulders, allowing him to manipulate that bone wholeheartedly in his battle against Yang Fan and Zhao Heng.

Once he destroyed their domains and killed them, he would be able to take care of the others with that bone as well.

Even if he didn’t, as long as he could keep Yang Fan and Zhao Heng occupied, the other eight Lizardmen would be able to wear the other Saint domain experts down and kill them eventually.

No matter how Lou Hongyan looked at it, they were in a very unfavorable situation.

She sighed. “I don’t think we can get away. If the six of your lose and die at their hands... where can we go? We haven’t even found that spatial joint. Given those ninth grade Lizardmen’s speed, they’ll be able to catch up to us effortlessly. There’s no way that we can escape.”

She had a good understanding of the situation.

Nie Tian, who was now taking shelter in her flame domain, wracked his mind for a solution, but also failed.

In order to escape the Lizardmen, they would have to travel fast enough.

After all, the Star Boat was only an air-transportation spiritual tool, not an ancient starship that could roam the endless starry river.

Besides, it might outrace eighth grade Lizardmen, but not ninth grade ones.

Not to mention that countless deadly, flesh-corroding energies filled every corner of the starry river.

An ancient starship would be able to protect its passengers from such energies and impurities over the long term, but the Star Boat couldn’t.

If they lost the powerful experts’ protection and fled on the Star Boat, they would run out of Star Stones within a short time, and the Star Boat might be damaged by unknown forces and break.

At that time, they could only wait for their deaths in the cold starry river.

Madness appeared on his face as he seemed to suddenly see reality. “Let’s fight to the end!”

Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to escape, he thought they might as well fight to the last moment and kill as many Lizardmen as they could.

Lou Hongyan nodded and shouted, “Fight to our last breath!”

All of their subordinates also let out frenzied roars, ready to fight to the death.


The peculiar bone suddenly pierced through Yang Fan’s lightning domain and shot towards Lou Hongyan, who was behind him.

Yang Fan, who couldn’t stop the bone, shouted at the top of his lungs to warn Lou Hongyan, “Watch out! He must have seen through your significance!”

Lou Hongyan took a deep breath, and the scarlet band flew out of her flame domain.

Her master had forged this scarlet band for her. With its help, as well as her exquisite incantations and profound domain power, she would be able to handle a ninth grade outsider for a brief moment.

She was hoping to shield herself from this attack with everything within her power.

A wood power expert suddenly flashed in front of Lou Hongyan, enveloped in a domain filled with vigorous life force. “I’m here to protect you!”

This man was at the late Void domain. His illusory domain seemed to consist of an endless forest, which gave Nie Tian a comfortable and soothing feeling.

However, that peculiar bone pierce right into it.

As blood-colored light instantly filled that illusory heaven and earth, the green domain fell apart in the blink of an eye. Even the late Void domain himself was instantly swallowed by the blood-colored light.


As a miserable wail echoed out, only a soul managed to fly out of the destroyed Void domain.

The late Void domain expert failed to withstand a single attack from the bone. As his domain shattered, so was his fleshly body destroyed. Only his soul managed to escape.

“Run!” Zhao Heng shouted towards Lou Hongyan in panic.

“I can’t!” Lou Hongyan exclaimed, looking furious and determined. “I forbid any more of you to come to my aid!”

Her red band suddenly burst into raging flames. As the fiery spots within it expanded to become like suns, it slammed towards the peculiar bone, hoping to slow it down slightly.


The grayish-green bone easily avoided her burning band and pierced into her flaming domain, a bloodthirsty flesh aura instantly filling her entire domain.

The illusory volcanoes, seas of flames, and rivers of flames vanished bit by bit.

Within moments, Lou Hongyan’s flame domain started to tear, exposing Nie Tian to the starry river.

Seeing this, Nie Tian hastily summoned power from the Star Boat, hoping to hold on for a while.

As he grew increasingly anxious, loud thumps echoed from within his chest, as his heart started to pound violently.


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