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Since Nie Tian’s cultivation base was far lower, what Yang Fan had seen was completely invisible to Nie Tian, even if he used his Heaven Eyes.

Yang Fan’s words made everyone, who had assumed that they had lost the Lizardmen, nervous again.

Given Yang Fan and the other’s cultivation bases, they could increase their speed and leave the Void domain ones behind.

However, they of course wouldn’t do that.

Since Yang Fan had a feeling that two experts like him wouldn’t be able to match that Lizardman patriarch in battle, anyone could easily imagine what would happen if he were to catch up to the Void domain cultivators.

Therefore, Yang Fan and the other Saint domain experts decided not to push their speed to the limit, but keep pace with them.

A few hours passed...

The group of experts finally arrived in the area where Huang Jinnan said the spatial joint had once appeared.

“This is the place,” Huang Jinnan said with a worried smile. “That subordinate of mine had come back here and searched every inch of this area, but failed to find that spatial joint. Even if it still exists, it’s probably somewhere far from here. I suppose we can only start here, and do a extensive search in this vicinity.”

“He’s here,” Yang Fan said in a deep, sullen voice.

Immediately afterwards, the domains lined up.

The six Saint domain experts formed a line in front of Lou Hongyan and the other Void domain experts.

“You guys take care of Nie Tian!” Yang Fan called out as the lightning chains that bound the Star Boat suddenly loosened.

The Star Boat shot out of his domain like a bolt of lightning.


The Star Boat flashed into Lou Hongyan’s flame domain, and came to a stop over one of the floating volcanoes.

Fierce flames rose from the volcanoes, warding off the impurities that filled every corner of the starry river.

Like in Yang Fan’s lightning domain, Nie Tian also didn’t have to consume his power or the Star Boat’s power to float within Lou Hongyan’s flame domain.

The old Lizardman patriarch that Nie Tian had seen in his mental images appeared out of thin air.

Upon arrival, he exclaimed furiously in perfect human language, while glaring at the line of six Saint domain experts, “Humans!”

This set him apart from all of the other Lizardmen.

Since the moment the exploration team had set foot in this domain, they had never seen a single Lizardman that could speak the human language.

Now, his appearance changed everyone’s understanding of the Lizardman race. He made them realize that they weren’t just a horde of savages who had never been out of their three realms. They must have made contact with the outside world for him to be able to speak the human language so perfectly.

The old expert was dressed in linen robes, his hair tied into a topknot. His face was wrinkled, and his eyes were deep and green, as if ghost fire flickered in the depths of his eyes.

All of a sudden, a grayish-green bone that was more than ten meters long flew out of the old expert’s cuff.

Covered in natural, blood-colored patterns, the bone seemed to have been taken from some enormous Ancientbeast, exuding an intense bloody aura.

Surprised, Nie Tian said, “He knows how to make use of tools. This Lizardman is indeed far beyond ordinary.” 


The exceptionally long bone suddenly shot forward.

In the next moment, strange, bloodcurdling sounds echoed out from within the bone, as if some ancient being from the Desolate Antiquity Era was crushing the skull of another being with its teeth.

Just the sounds alone made Nie Tian’s scalp feel numb, causing him to see illusions.

They were the images of some enormous being preying on titans, great wyrms, and Ancientbeasts. Even though their appearances were vague beyond recognition, Nie Tian was certain that they were incredibly large.

At that moment, panic rose from the bottom of his heart, as if fears that had been branded in the depths of his soul had been suddenly awakened.

He had a peculiar feeling that he had seen that kind of enormous being somewhere.

Those enormous beings were as large as stars. They lived in the depths of the starry river, and could travel from one domain to another in the blink of an eye. Both their size and speed were an unknown number of times greater than any ancient starship.

He had assumed that everyone was seeing the same illusions he was seeing.

However, as he glanced around, he realized that he seemed to be the only one.

The other Saint and Void domain experts all looked confused and pained by the strange sounds. None of them seemed to be experiencing the same thing he was experiencing.


His nine star souls suddenly lit up within his sea of awareness, eliminating the deep-rooted terrifying illusions like flames melting snow.

He jerked his head towards Lou Hongyan and asked, “Did you see anything?”

Staring blankly at him, Lou Hongyan said, “What?”

Just as he was about to explain, the old Lizardman patriarch suddenly fixed Nie Tian with an astonished gaze. “You...!”

Also at that moment, the bone that was more than ten meters long pierced into Yang Fan’s lightning domain.

Hundreds of thick lightning bolts then slammed into the bone.

The blood-colored patterns that seemed naturally formed started to squirm madly like snakes.

Splendid blood-colored light almost instantly engulfed Yang Fan’s lightning domain.

The blood-colored light seemed to have its own awareness, and carried the profound truths of flesh power as it dissolved the lightning bolts within Yang Fan’s lighting domain one after another.

In just a few seconds, Yang Fan’s lightning domain started to show signs of falling apart.

He let out a muffled groan and wove his hands into an exquisite hand seal. Immediately afterwards, a large whip braided by lightning appeared in his hand.

“Thunder God’s Whip!”

As he flung the whip, his raging lightning power suddenly grew very active.

In the next moment, all of the lighting bolts that swam about within his domain fused into the long whip.

Like the unique treasure the thunder god used to punish all lives, the whip slammed into the huge peculiar bone with lighting power that could split any large-scale realm.

The whole bone suddenly turned blood-colored, the patterns on it becoming increasingly vivid and lifelike, as it emanated the residual power of an unknown spices that had devastated all living creatures throughout the starry river.


Blood-colored light spattered as the lightning was gradually dissolved.

Like a world of thunder and lightning being invaded by destructive foreign matter, Yang Fan’s lightning domain started to tear.

“Give me some help!” As arrogant as Yang Fan was, he felt so much pressure that he had to seek help.

Three of the other five Saint domain experts then spread out to attack the aged expert from three different directions.

As for the other two, the one enveloped in water domain fused a river of gentle water power that looked like the Milky Way into Yang Fan’s lightning domain, while the one enveloped in an earth domain changed the gravitational field where the peculiar bone was.

“Bloodline magics and powerful tools...” Lou Hongyan muttered, looking astounded. “Once he enters the tenth grade, the bloodline of the entire Lizardmen race will transcend because of him! The individual who manages to push the grade limit of the Lizardman race will deeply influence all of their future generations.

“He would be able to brand all of the bloodline magics he has derived and the bloodline talents he has awakened on every member of his clan in a way we can’t fathom.

“Then, all of his clansmen would have a chance at awakening his bloodline talents or deriving his bloodline magics as they upgraded.

“Only tenth grade grand monarchs can affect their whole clan in such a profound way.”

Lou Hongyan seemed unprecedentedly rattled as she added, “This guy must have been to other domains and gotten in touch with other civilizations. He must have come back here because he was ready to make the breakthrough into the tenth grade, and hoped to benefit his people by doing this!

“If he succeeds, the entire Lizardman civilization will take a huge step forward! All of his clansmen who only knew to fight with their vigorous flesh power would be able to awaken the true might of their bloodline, and raise their battle prowess to a whole new level!”

As she said these words, the ninth grade Lizardmen showed up one after another.

The eight of them, who hadn’t lost their enormous size and evolved to a better form, had nothing but fanatical worship in their eyes as they looked at the aged expert.

It was as if he was their god and bloodline pioneer!

“This is not good,” Huang Jinnan said, having a headache over the difficult situation. “There are eight more, all at the ninth grade. It won’t be long before the eighth grade Lizardmen get here.”

“Divine Son! Divine Daughter!” Yang Fan exclaimed. “The odds are against us. You’d better escape as soon as you see an opportunity!”

As the most powerful expert, by saying these words, he made it clear that he didn’t have any confidence in the upcoming battle.

Seeing this, Nie Tian had to consider how he would be able to survive this battle, and the Lizardmen’s pursuit.


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