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Everyone chatted for a while. The sky gradually became dark. Thus, everyone went back to their respective place.

The Treasure Viewing Gathering would only officially start on the second day. Shi Yi, Luo Xin, as well as Jiang Lingzhu and the others were already resting on the higher floors of the stone tower.

Only Nie Tian was held back by Liu Yan.

“Nie Tian, since you came, did Uncle Master let you choose a spirit weapon?” Liu Yan asked.

“My master told me that I could simply choose three playthings from the Ling Bao Court. As long as I take the item and show this, I can take it.” Nie Tian took out the command medallion that contained the “Ji” word on it, and showed it to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan only glanced at it and indicated for him to keep it.

“Your grandfather was seriously damaged during that year by the cooperation of Yun Meng and Yuan Fengchun; his spirit sea was scattered. After that fight, your grandfather was unable to gather the Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to continue cultivating.” Liu Yan furrowed his brows. “Not only that, but because his spirit sea scattered, the spirit energy that he previously gathered gradually decreased as time passed.”

“Because of that, not only was your grandfather unable to achieve a breakthrough, but his cultivation actually began to unceasingly drop.”

“To a cultivator, a destroyed spirit sea is the end of the road of cultivation. After that, your grandfather was depressed. His status in the Nie Family also steadily deteriorated, and he was later replaced by Nie Beichuan.”

“Naturally, because you’re now the disciple of Martial Uncle, the standing of your grandfather in the Nie Family is once again stable.”

“But, this isn’t really something that can be maintained for long. Also, this can’t completely restore your grandfather’s confidence.”

Liu Yan spread out his sleeves, and said, “I heard that this time, the Ling Bao Court will have a Spirit Accumulating Pill for sale. The Spirit Accumulating Pill is a Seventh Grade Middle Ranked medicinal pill, and it’s value is unordinary. The Spirit Accumulating Pill can help a cultivator rebuild his spirit sea. Your grandfather’s injury can be completely healed with a Spirit Accumulating Pill!”

“Spirit Accumulating Pill!” Nie Tian’s mind shook.

In the past, he had always desired to help his grandfather recover from his injury one day.

Nie Donghai’s injury and longevity had always been his secret worry.

After hearing that there was a Spirit Accumulating Pill that could cure his grandfather’s injuries during this time’s Treasure Viewing Gathering, he was immediately excited.

“A Seventh Grade Middle Ranked Spirit Accumulating Pill is absolutely a good thing. If you were still the Nie Family’s Nie Tian, or an ordinary disciple from the Lingyun Sect, you would have no chance to obtain that Spirit Accumulating Pill.” Liu Yan slightly laughed and said, “However, you’re now the disciple of Martial Uncle, and you have his command medallion. He can go to the Ling Bao Court to request for that Spirit Accumulating Pill.”

“When will the Spirit Accumulating Pill be sold? Where will it be sold?” Nie Tian hastily asked.

“Tomorrow, in the pill building.” Liu Yan said.

“Many thanks to Uncle Liu for telling me. I’ll go to the pill building first thing in the morning to get that Spirit Accumulating Pill!” Nie Tian said.

“Yup, I’ll follow you tomorrow morning.” Liu Yan laughed.

While the two people were talking, the sky completely turned dark. Many bright lights appeared on the street outside.

“May I ask… is Nie Tian inside?” At that moment, a female voice echoed from outside.

Liu Yan was stunned as he suspiciously looked at Nie Tian, and said, “Looking for you?”

“An Ying…”

That voice clearly belonged to An Shiyi’s younger sister, An Ying. Nie Tian was able to instantly recognise it.

“Yup, it’s a friend I made in the Green Illusion Realm.” Nie Tian spoke towards Liu Yan.

Liu Yan nodded his head and said, “I’ll be going first. In a while, go to the third floor. There are rooms set aside there. You can go find one to rest.” After he stopped talking, he discreetly walked up the stairs, leaving Nie Tian to receive his guest.

The entrance of the six-story stone tower was already half-opened. After Liu Yan went upstairs, An Ying had already quietly emerged.

“I’m here.” Nie Tian replied.

At that moment, An Ying had also seen him. She ignored all pleasantries and walked in at once.

An Ying looked around. When she noticed that only Nie Tian was there, she puzzledly asked, “What about the other person?”

Nie Tian pointed to the floor above.

He didn’t have a favourable impression of An Ying. Before they had entered the Green Illusion Realm, An Ying had seemed to be rather resentful towards him. When they were in the Green Illusion Realm, she had also targeted him for everything.

Afterwards, because of the appearance of the Earth Lizard, he used his firmness and fierceness to slightly win a few points of An Ying’s trust.

However, when the witch Yu Tong had released the scarlet blood threads to besiege him, An Ying didn’t stay behind to save him. Instead, she felt that he was undoubtedly dead and had abandoned him.

In his heart, it was also because of this that he felt that he owed only An Shiyi a favour, and not An Ying, who was in front of him.

After half a year, An Ying had grown increasingly beautiful. However, if you compared her beauty to An Shiyi, An Ying was still quite inferior.

She, who was always straightforward, seemed to have a faint worry in her expression, and it was unknown when she had started to be worried.

“Do you remember that you once said that you’ll use all your strength to help my sister if she got into trouble one day… Assuming you had the strength to do so?” An Ying suddenly said.

“I naturally remember that.” Nie Tian replied.

“My sister… has gotten into trouble now.” An Ying looked at the floor upstairs and lowered her voice and quietly said, “During the trial in the Green Illusion Realm, my sister was the person in charge from the Ling Bao Court. However, because of the appearance of the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect, it caused the Grey Valley’s Yuan Feng to die. It also involved the people from the other three sects, who also suffered enormous casualties. Therefore, my sister’s status as a deacon has been removed.”

“She got demoted?” Nie Tian was stunned.

In the Ling Bao Court, the person who had the greatest influence was undoubtedly the Court Master. After that, there were the various Great Elders. Below that were the deacons. Finally, it was the disciples.

Deacons were mostly responsible for the affairs of the Ling Bao Court’s seven cities. They were responsible for selling spirit weapons for the Ling Bao Court and collecting spirit materials used to refine various types of spirit weapons.

During these years, An Shiyi had used her status as a deacon to handle many issues for the Ling Bao Court. She was highly regarded by the Court Master, and had a large reputation within the court.

However, because she was implicated by the trial in the Green Illusion Realm, she was unexpectedly stripped of her status as a deacon. Because of that, she felt wronged as she now had to welcome the guests at the entrance.

“In the past, because my sister had a layer of status as a deacon, added on to the Court Master’s trust in her, many old guys in the Court didn’t dare to be impudent towards her, although they were disloyal to her.” An Ying’s expression turned cold. “Due to her failure in the Green Illusion Realm, there’s been a rumour that my sister has already lost the trust of the Court Master, and that she lost her status as a deacon.” 

“Those old things that drool at my sister’s charm took the initiative to raise difficult questions, wanting to take my sister as a wife or concubine.”

“Within those people, there’s an especially evil guy. Today, he arranged his disciples to go and force my sister.”

An Ying clenched her teeth, as she said that.

Nie Tian lowered his voice, “Where is that person?”

“He’s where my sister is!” An Ying fiercely spoke.

“Bring me there.” Nie Tian stood up.

“Alright!” An Ying’s courage strengthened.

She was very clear about this. If it was the Nie Tian from half a year ago, she wouldn’t even have come.

But, the current Nie Tian had the gorgeous clothing* of a disciple of Wu Ji, and Wu Ji was one of the existences who shouldn’t be provoked within the entire Heaven Leaving Domain.

The reason why she came over this time was in the hopes that she could borrow Nie Tian’s status as the disciple of Wu Ji, and make the opposing side become somewhat afraid.


Within a lonely part of a courtyard within the Ling Bao Court.

An Shiyi, who had been busy for a whole day, took off her red clothes and changed into a white-coloured silk skirt. However, this didn’t make her look less beautiful as she was during the daytime. Instead, she appeared elegant and touching.

At that moment, her plump, round buttocks were sitting on the swing in the courtyard. Her body followed the swaying of the swing, as stress filled her delicate face.

Beside the courtyard’s rock garden, Fei Li had a gloomy expression as he played with a golden ball in his hands that had flames shooting in all directions. He slowly spoke, “You should be clear about what kind of status my Master has in the Court. You’re merely a girl from the An Family, which is a subordinate family of the Court. If my Master fancies you, then that is your good fortune. What intention do you have by evading my Master in every possible way?”

“In the past, you could still act unruly with the Court Master protecting you.”

“Now, you have already lost the trust of the Court Master. You don’t even have your status as a deacon anymore. Do you think that you can still act the same as before?”

“I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. The Grey Valley’s Yuan Xian wants to wholeheartedly deal with you. Were it not for my Master stopping her, don’t think that you would have been able to smoothly pass through this past half year!”

“Today, you’ve also seen Yuan Xian. She just looked for my Master, and has given him a final warning. If you don’t agree to obey my Master, then she will no longer be polite.”

“Think carefully. Once Yuan Xian makes a move, how much will your An Family, your younger sister, and you yourself suffer?”

“The Grey Valley’s ‘Seed’ Yuan Feng has died. He was her grandson. For that Yuan Feng, she already killed many people from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect.”

“Our Ling Bao Court holds the responsibility for Yuan Feng’s death. The Court Master also understands this point. During this sensitive period of time, the Court Master won’t become enemies with the Grey Valley just for you. Therefore, if Yuan Xian makes a move, the Court Master might not interfere!”

“My Master has spoken. He wants an answer tonight!”

Fei Li had a cold expression as he spoke with a strong tone, forcing An Shiyi to immediately make a decision.

- Zhi ya! -

The swing, which had been unceasingly swaying, suddenly stopped. A sorrowful and helpless expression gradually appeared in An Shiyi’s eyes.

“It’s nothing much. For my younger sister, for the An Family…” She was already prepared to sacrifice herself.

- Peng! -

At that moment, the door was suddenly pushed open by An Ying. She led Nie Tian, as she directly headed to the courtyard.

“An Ying?” Fei Li snorted. He completely didn’t put her in his eyes at all. He continued threatening An Shiyi, “Your younger sister is still young. If you lose your power in the Court, she will have no one to rely on. Heh, you should know. If a little girl wants to have a footing in the Court, she needs to either have an ungodly talent or a good patron.”

“Originally, you were her patron within the Court. However, once you lose your power, do you think that she can continue to cultivate in the Court without any worries or anxieties?”

“Sister An, who is this guy who seems to have eaten shit?” Nie Tian asked a question, which he already knew the answer to.


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