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Cluster after cluster of blood disappeared, as if they were ink being wiped away by a piece of cloth.

Master Bloody Despair’s domain was originally complete, but now he was losing pieces of it.

This was something that even Jing Feiyang, the sectmaster of the Divine Seal Sect, couldn’t achieve.

For cultivators at the Void domain, Saint domain, and God domain, their domains were their foundation, and the crystallization of their spiritual power, soul strands, and exquisite incantations.

Each and every domain expert would view their domains as their most essential possession, even more important than their fleshly bodies and spiritual tools.

Once something happened to their domains, their strength would inevitably plunge. They might even lose their mental balance because of it.

As an early Saint domain expert himself, Jing Feiyang had gone all-out to fight Master Bloody Despair, yet he had only managed to chip away at the strength of his domain. He had never posed a real threat to his blood domain.

However, as soon as Nie Tian showed up, he and his puppet somehow managed to drain clusters of thick blood from Master Bloody Despair’s domain, causing it to show signs of falling apart.

How could Jing Feiyang not be shocked by this?

“Such copious flesh power!” Nie Tian laughed heartily as the Bone Blood Demon flew about to madly loot the essence within the clusters of blood, like a bloodthirsty shark that had spotted shoals of delicious fish.

Under the magical effect of Life Drain, wisps of Blood Essence followed his fine blood strings to his heart.

Like a swimming python that could swallow the heavens and devour the earth, the green aura that had originally coiled within his heart absorbed the Blood Essence of different races to its heart’s content.

After Nie Tian had entered the sixth grade, the amount of flesh power this green aura needed to upgrade again became an astronomical figure.

Over the past six months, he had taken spirit beast meat from the stock he had within his ring of holding to absorb and refine their flesh power whenever he had a chance. However, the flesh power he had accumulated was still far from enough for the green aura to enter dormancy again.

However, the clusters of blood that made up Master Bloody Despair’s blood domain all seemed to be from seventh or even eighth grade Ancientbeasts and outsiders.

The battle prowess of an eighth grade Ancientbeast or outsider was roughly equal to that of a Void domain human expert. Even the Divine Seal Sect couldn’t get their hands on Ancientbeasts or outsiders at such grades.

The flesh power within the blood of an eighth grade Ancientbeast or outsider was about ten times richer than the flesh power of a seventh grade one.

The amount of flesh power his fine blood strings had absorbed during this short period of time had already surpassed what he had accumulated over the past three months.

“The secret magics Master Bloody Despair practices have already gone beyond the rank of human incantations. They seem similar to the Blood Sect’s secret magics, yet they seem somewhat flawed and deviated. Even though his domain consists of the blood of powerful outsiders and Ancientbeasts, he doesn’t seem to be able to truly merge all the blood of different origins.

“He can only use the blood within his domain to neutralize the impact it receives from the domains of other cultivators. He doesn’t seem to be able to summon or make use of the bloodline power within the blood of those powerful Ancientbeasts and outsiders.

“Meanwhile, both the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation and my Life Drain bloodline talent allow the Bone Blood Demon and me to absorb power from the blood in his domain.

“From his point of view, I’m none other than his poison, his bane!

“If it were a Saint domain expert who practiced conventional magics and incantations, and forged his domain in a conventional way, I wouldn’t have been able to pose even the slightest threat to him.

“However, his domain happens to be so special, and unlike an outsider or Ancientbeast, he can’t truly master the blood and bring out its true might.”

Nie Tian let out a low chuckle as he went on to focus on using Life Drain.


More blood strings flew out of him to pierce directly into the clusters of blood that floated in Master Bloody Despair’s domain, channeling rich blood-colored flesh power into himself.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart started to pound like violent drumbeats.

As this happened, more and more clusters of blood vanished from Master Bloody Despair’s blood domain.

His blood domain that stretched thousands of meters into his surroundings even started to show signs of falling apart.

Master Bloody Despair’s figure suddenly appeared, surrounded by clusters of multicolored blood and staring at Nie Tian in a way as if he were looking at a monster. “W-what the hell are you!?”

Nie Tian and his Bone Blood Demon had taken a large part of the blood he had used to form his blood domain, which had greatly compromised the foundation of his power. He could no longer stay calm.

All his life, he had fought countless battles against powerful humans, outsiders, and Ancientbeasts.

He had never met any human expert who could come up with an effective method to handle his blood domain.

Even for outsiders and Ancientbeasts, they could only influence the small part of his blood domain that consisted of the blood of their races.

After all, the blood that composed his blood domain came from a variety of origins. Not a single outsider or Ancientbeast could influence the blood that they didn’t share the same origin with.

Therefore, he had thought that not a single living being of this heaven and earth, no matter its race, would be able to control or destroy his domain.

However, Nie Tian proved him wrong today.

Nie Tian, who was only at the Profound realm, damaged his blood domain in a way he couldn’t fathom, yet the damage was so great that his blood domain showed signs of falling apart, with the outsider and Ancientbeast blood he had spent tens of thousands of years gathering from various realms being forcibly taken from him and fused into Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon instead.

Master Bloody Despair went mad. 

“Blood Seal!” he exclaimed.

A giant ‘Seal’ character in simple, unsophisticated writing suddenly flew from the top of Master Bloody Despair’s head. Like a scarlet sun, it flew towards Nie Tian, carrying his desperate desire for blood.

With a flicker, the ‘Seal’ character suddenly vanished, as if it had transformed into a special blood-sealing force that enveloped heaven and earth.

As this happened, even Jing Feiyang let out a soft exclamation, and shrewdly discovered that his blood had suddenly stopped running within him.

His expression flickered drastically.

However, Nie Tian, who was the main target of the sealing spell, only experienced a brief shudder before returning to normal.

No one else knew that it only took a flicker of dazzling light from the Bloodline Crystal Chains that formed the green aura in his heart to neutralize the blood-sealing magic.


Bits of blood-colored light suddenly flew out of the Bone Blood Demon’s translucent and sparkling body.

Under the influence of the Blood Seal, even the Bone Blood Demon’s blood flow came to a sudden stop.

Because of this, it could no longer channel blood into itself using the Blood Refining Incantation, leaving Nie Tian as the only one unaffected.

His effort to madly drain flesh power from Master Bloody Despair’s blood domain with Life Drain continued.

Not just that, but the blood spell that enveloped a large area in the starry river was also influenced by Nie Tian’s Life Drain, and started to lose its essence to him.

Master Bloody Despair instantly sensed the anomaly. Coughing up a mouthful of blood, he almost broke down as he shouted, “What the... what kind of freak are you?!” Pointing at Nie Tian, he couldn’t even form a complete sentence. Like a mouse facing a cat or a sheep facing an eagle, he seemed to be facing his natural enemy.


Master Bloody Despair screamed, as if it pained him to the point where he wanted to die. Holding onto his breaking blood domain with great difficulty, he flew off and disappeared into the endless starry river without even talking to his subordinates.

He had been pursued by powerful experts from the Domain of Vast Darkness, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of Endless Snow on numerous occasions, yet not once had he fled looking so broken-down.

This was the first time he had faced an enemy that made him feel completely powerless.

The image of Nie Tian using his strange means was like a nightmare that was branded in the deepest part of his soul. For the rest of his life, the mere thought of the damage Nie Tian had inflicted on his blood domain would make him shiver.

On this day, his pride and arrogance that he had held for tens of thousands of years was trampled.

He ignored his deal with the outsiders, and even his own subordinates. Amidst the Bloody Despair Brotherhood members’ dissuasive exclamations, he flew farther and farther away from Nie Tian, his natural enemy, hoping he would never see him again.

In a distant, hidden location, the White Rose, her subordinates, and Old Shadow Eccentric observed the battle of domains.

However, the White Rose was the only one who saw the truth.

Old Shadow Eccentric and her subordinates only saw Master Bloody Despair flee from the battlefield, but didn’t know what had forced him to do so.

“Head!” One of the White Rose’s subordinates exclaimed urgently. “This is a great opportunity for us! Master Bloody Despair has been defeated by Jing Feiyang. Now is the perfect time for us to kill his lackeys and establish our name!”

“There’s no need for that,” The White Rose said with mixed emotions. “Master Bloody Despair’s confidence has been crushed. I doubt he’ll be a threat anymore.

“Also...” She paused briefly. “It wasn’t Jing Feiyang who crushed him. It was the seventh Son of the Stars: Nie Tian!”

“Nie Tian?! How is that even possible?!” Even Old Shadow Eccentric exclaimed in disbelief.

The White Rose sighed. “I wouldn’t have believed it either if I didn’t get to see it with my own eyes. I never expected that, as a newborn Son of the Stars, he would actually give Master Bloody Despair such a sound defeat. The worst fear of the cultivators of the three domains is that they no longer have faith in their own domains, in themselves.

“Master Bloody Despair’s unique blood domain is the reason why he has been able to do whatever he likes in between the nearby domains. He was convinced that his domain was perfect, and no human or any race would be able to destroy it.

“But today, he’s been proven wrong. He realizes that domain is not as wondrous as he thought it was.

“Someone who’s so much weaker than him can actually destroy the foundation of his domain. That man is only at the Profound realm now. Even if he manages to break through into the God domain some day, his domain will still be too fragile to withstand a strike in that man’s eyes. The thought of this eliminated the confidence that he had spent tens of thousands of years building. I don’t think he’ll be able to recover from such a mental defeat.

“If he can’t solve this problem, not only will he not make any more progress in his cultivation, but his cultivation base may even regress.

“In such a state, he won’t be a threat to me anymore. And the Bloody Despair Brotherhood won’t be able to do whatever they want in between the nearby domains anymore.”

Everyone was flabbergasted after hearing these words.

“You stay here,” the White Rose added. “I’ll go have a talk with that Son of the Stars named Nie Tian.” 

“Head, are you going to take him from Jing Feiyang’s hands?” one of her subordinates asked.

“No, I’m calling off my deal with that man.” The White Rose shook her head. “Nie Tian... isn’t someone we can afford to provoke.”


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